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Not sure if I bought this up but… If you don’t know the game called “Joy Pony”, which is a fan-made MLP:FiM game that you can pet him/her, but sadly, there is a FREAKIN’ other option that you can Kill/Murdering/Abusing the pony! Yes, really! I’m very serious, I saw those videos back in October 2018, and I can see some of the YouTubers who made videos about they played the game, killing the pony and I got extremely upset/sad over this video, and I was like “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” toward the YouTuber for doing stuff toward them.

You should check them out, but I got to warned you, It might make you cry. Check them out on your own risk.

BTW, Can It go here, or not? 🙁

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