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One World Futboll

a One World Futbol that is still inflated after sustaining extensive damage from dog bites

The One World Futbol is a soccer ball designed to be very difficult to destroy. It is made with a specialized foam, related to the material used to make


shoes, that allows the ball to re-inflate after being punctured. The One World Play Project, which manufactures and distributes the One World Futbol, was founded in California in 2010 to manufacture, sell, and donate the balls.

According to an interview with Katie Couric; The company has produced about 850,000 balls.[


] About half of them were bought for $40 each; for each ball purchased, another is given away. The ball has been spread by numerous organizations and made its way to over 140 countries.[

citation needed


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The One World Futbol was conceived by Tim Jahnigen of

Berkeley, California

after he watched a documentary that featured children in


playing with soccer balls made of trash. These makeshift balls were used because traditional soccer balls rapidly became too damaged to be usable in the rocky ground that the children played in.


Jahnigen, who had previously met the developers of Crocs shoes and had used durable early Crocs prototypes, came up with the idea of using

ethylene-vinyl acetate

foam, a similar material, to create the ball.


The ball self re-inflates, eliminating the need for air pumps, can still be used after being punctured, and can withstand heat and cold.


Jahnigen did not immediately pursue the idea, as he did not have the funding to do so. He brought up the idea while speaking with the musician


, who gave Jahnigen research and development funding for the ball.


As a result of the support, the ball itself was named after

The Police

song “

One World



The One World Play Project, responsible for manufacturing, selling, and donating the balls, was founded as a certified Benefit corporation in July 2010 before the final game of the

2010 FIFA World Cup


South Africa

. The balls were initially priced at $39.50, under an arrangement in which the purchase pays for one ball for the purchaser and a second ball to be donated.


In May 2012


announced a sponsorship agreement in which the company would purchase and donate one and a half million One World Futbols.


Tim Jahnigen stated that he intends to eventually manufacture a version of every inflated sports ball using the damage resistant foam.


In 2014 The One World Futbol Appeared On BBC’s Blue Peter And They Put It To The Test (

) It Appeared On Thursday 12 June 2014.




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