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Instructions—English-Mental Health Partners

How to Complete the Mental Health Partners Referral Form

Thank you for taking the time to fill out a Referral Form. Forms may be filled out for yourself or another person. Once received Mental Health Partners will verify receipt via email. Please then call our main number 303-443-8500 for explanation of next steps towards services. Please follow the steps below to ensure a successful referral.

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If Filling Out the Form by Hand

The Referral Form may be printed and filled out manually. All that is required is to print both pages and fill in all relevant fields. Once completed, the form may be faxed to the Admissions and Referral number at 303-568-4231, or emailed to admissions@mhpcolorado.org

If Filling Out the Form Electronically

The Referral Form is a fillable Adobe PDF document. Text may be entered in any fillable field and radio buttons may be checked by clicking inside of them. Please note the “Reset Form” button on the top right of the form. Clicking this button will remove all contents from text fields and radio buttons.

Timesaving Hint: If you are tabbing through the document, please note that the radio buttons will default to “yes”. In order to toggle between the “yes” and “No” options, the arrow buttons must be used. Pressing the spacebar is the same as clicking the mouse when making selections with radio buttons.

Once completed, the form may be faxed to Admissions and Referral number at 303-568-4231, or emailed to admissions@mhpcolorado.org.

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