4 Ways To Fix Verizon Content Transfer Not Working-Internet Access Guide

You are reading: 4 Ways To Fix Verizon Content Transfer Not Working-Internet Access Guide

4 Ways To Fix Verizon Content Transfer Not Working

verizon content transfer not workingverizon content transfer not working


content transfer not working

Verizon is not just a carrier but it also offers you a lot of services that make it worth subscribing. That includes leasing those phones from Verizon or you can buy them as well at discounted prices that are also offering a great deal of value for you. To make it even better, Verizon has a service with the help of an application to help you transfer the data from one mobile phone to another while you are changing the phone or upgrading to a newer model. It also allows you to keep your data and personal information securely over a cloud. If you face any sorts of problems with the service, here is how you can fix it.

How To Fix Verizon Content Transfer Not Working?

1. Get The Same Version Of The Application On Both Phones

Well, it is as simple as it can get and you need to have the same version of the Verizon Content transfer application on both phones. If you don’t have the same version of the application, that might cause you to have these errors and it will simply not work. So, check for the application version on both of the phones and make sure that they are the same.

2. Re-install Application

Well, another thing that you can possibly try out is to uninstall the application properly from your phones and then restart your phones once. After that, you will need to install the latest version of the Verizon Data Transfer application on both phones. This will not only be clearing out all the possible errors that you might be facing, but it will also get you the latest version of the application installed on the phones. That is certainly going to help you and you will not face any sorts of issues on the application with the data transfer.

3. Connect Them With The Same



You also need to know that both these devices that you are trying to transfer the data between must be on the same Wi-Fi network. They will use the Wi-Fi network to transfer the data in a speedy manner without getting any sorts of issues or errors. So, just make sure that the Wi-Fi network on both the devices is the same and that is going to help you make it work perfectly. Just make sure that there is no extensive encryption on the Wi-Fi network and there are no firewalls or DNS routing enabled on the Wi-Fi router to make it work flawlessly.

4. Contact Verizon

If you are unable to make it work and you have tried your best to troubleshoot the issue, the only possible reason for still having an error is that you might be overlooking something and that is not uncommon at all. There are tons of small factors that might make it an issue for you. So, just make sure that you contact Verizon support and ask them to assist you with the process. That way, they can figure it out for you and help you transfer the data between your phones.

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