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Our Features

Our Features

Instant Delivery
Urgent? Not a problem, your package can be delivered instantly!

Live Tracking
Easily check up on your delivery with real time live tracking of the courier.

Same Day Delivery
Urgent? Not a problem, your package can get delivered on the same day.

Delivery Methods
Select from various methods of transportation to get the job done.

One Stop Platform
Our ecosystem provides a one stop platform for package and item delivery services.

Android & iOS
Available for both Android and iOS devices.


Intuitive On-Demand Delivery


Download the App Free for Android and iOS


You have Q’s. We have A’s.

Its easy. Simply make your best guess on the easiest way to transport your package (either walking, by car, biking, or truck). Fill out your item / package details, and upload a few photos to place your order. Once your package / item has been paired with a HotShot courier that you’re happy with, hit accept and let the magic happen.

Package insurance is something we are actively working on, and hope to have very soon. In the mean time, we highly encourage you to provide as much information as possible regarding your package during the order process, and take really good pictures. This can help us go back to the HotShot courier and get to the bottom of the situation. Rest assured, we take our business very seriously. Each scenario is different, and should anything happen to your package, we’ll work with you in every capacity we have to either replace, refund, or put forth an alternative.

How do I track my package?

No need for a tracking number with HotShot – we have live tracking! Track your package anywhere, anytime. .

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Should I trust your drivers / couriers?

You should trust them as much as we do (the answer is YES!) – if they’re driving for us, then don’t sweat it! Our process to accept HotShot couriers is pretty rigid. They consist of background checks and interviews. We want to make sure we have the best couriers driving for us – careful when handling packages, safe during the delivery, and most importantly trustworthy and accountable should anything happen during the job.

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Why do I have to take photos and provide details on my package / items?

Uploading photos of your package / items help serve as a record for HotShot and you, to document its condition. It also helps HotShot couriers to understand what they are delivering, and if they can do the job based on their method of transport. If anything were to happen to your package during delivery, we also have some records to go off of, to help settle any dust during or after a delivery.

Can I choose the exact time I want a package picked up or delivered?

Our current model is on demand delivery. That means we’ll get to your order as soon as we find the right HotShot courier for the job. Once we get bigger, we’ll be working on the ability to schedule pick ups and drop offs. We also do guarantee same day delivery, as long as mother nature doesn’t do anything crazy.


Don’t be shy. Send us an email.

Whether you want to learn more about Or whether you just want to get in touch. Shoot us an email using the form below.

Note to prospective Couriers:  You and your vehicle (if applicable) need to first be approved prior to servicing through our platform. Download the HotShot Courier app, and fill out the form, promise we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours regarding your approval 🙂

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