The Ultimate AT&T TV and FIRE TV APK Repository ( DTV No Longer Updated )


Dec 28, 2010


  • Oct 15, 2018

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Welcome to the most extensive AT&T TV (formerly DirecTV Now) and Fire TV repository thread.

Over the last few years I have gathered various AT&T/DirecTV Now apks and other Fire TV apks.
My plan is to continue uploading the latest AT&T TV apk files and various Fire TV apps until they are officially available on the Shield TV.

Feel free to comment and request any Fire TV apks that I have not uploaded , I’ll do my best to keep the apps up-to-date.
Since it’s time consuming I may not update the less popular apps frequently. Unless someone requests it.

I want to thank anyone that contributed to the previous thread. Please continue to post any questions or issues you guys have .

Please read the FAQ some of your questions may already be answered.

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