Does ADB Bloatware Removal Work on Le Pro 3 x722 and x720?


You are reading: Does ADB Bloatware Removal Work on Le Pro 3 x722 and x720?


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I ordered the phone from Banggood and plan to use it as a media/gaming device. But I hate LeEco bloatware. My mom’s Le 2 is full of it and it’s really hampering performance.

Anyway, I figure I can remove all the LeEco apps and services using this simple ADB command:

pm uninstall -k –user 0 <name of package> Do not use this command unless you know exactly which apps to uninstall. If you uninstall certain apps, other apps may stop working. Use pm disable instead, and pm enable to enable apps if something stops working.

Or simply disabling them with the other command (pm disable (package name)).

My question is, does this work on the Le Pro 3 or has Le prevented users from doing so completely? I don’t want to root to do this (and then unroot afterwards because I need SafetyNet) because too many people seem to be having issues unlocking the bootloader and rooting here. Don’t want to take any chances. I plan on staying on Banggood’s vendor ROM forever because, as I said, this is just gonna be a gaming device.

Is it safe to do this, or will LeEco/Banggood ROM throw some idiotic error my way and cause my phone to stop working the moment I reboot it. And has anyone debloated their phone using ADB alone?


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