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Mouse Keyboard 2 Touch GOLD
Version :- 1.1


Mouse Keyboard 2 Touch is a One of it’s Kind app. It boasts of TOUCH EMULATION feature which lets you play ALL Android Games with any USB/Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse. With the Universal Touch Screen Driver feature the app is compatible with ALL Android Devices. Most importantly the Set-up is uncomplicated. This is the Premium Gold Version of the app with No-ads and all features activated. Now, get the Immersive PC Gaming Experience on your Android Phones & Tablets.

Updated Manual :


•Support for ALL Generic/Branded Keyboards & Mice.
•The Touch Profile Editor is Elementary in use but Intricate in options. Just drag & drop buttons on In-Game Screenshots.
•Multi-Touch Emulation of upto 10 Simultaneous touch points On-Screen on ANY device.
•An Exclusive 8-Direction Swipe System – Use buttons as Swipe/Drag On-Screen.
•Works with all Emulators.
•Works with all Games.

Dev Name : Ankit Chowdhury
Play Store Link :

Buy the app and Support this Unique Development. Do send in feedback as comments.



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