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There are apps available for Android users, iOS, & Windows that help you earn more points. They are:

  • SwagbucksTV (SBTV)
  • EnteraiNow TV Mobile
  • IndyMusic TV
  • Sportly TV

SBTV issues 2 SB for every 5 videos you watch.  The others offer less, but we’d recommend using EntertaiNow TV Mobile and  They offer 2SB for every 15 videos (other apps make you watch 20).

You can either let the videos play on their own, or tap through to earn points faster.

To tap through: when a video comes up, after about 5 seconds, tap the screen to show the controls. 

In the upper right corner, click DONE. The app will advance you to the next video.  Sometimes there will be an ad.  You may have to sit through it, or you might get the option to skip it. 

When you get the screen that says “You’re ____ videos away from earning 2 SB!”, click NEXT in the upper right corner to advance faster.  This works for any of the apps.

On the EntertaiNow TV Mobile, click on the Menu, and choose TV Spots. 

These videos are generally between 15 and 30 seconds (the longest we’ve seen is 1 minute).  This is a great area to get through videos, especially if you just open the app and let it play on its own, instead of tapping through.

If you are doing videos, always try to keep your phone plugged in, as playing videos back to back can really drain your battery quickly.

When you’ve hit the maximum on any particular app, you will get a message alerting you. 

Move onto another app and go through the cycles again until you reach the maximum, and so on.  Each app’s maximum is different, and will probably vary over time.

For people with a lower Daily/Total goal, SBTV & EntertaiNow TV Mobile could easily help you reach your goal(s).

Note:  Some users have expressed that they use multiple devices at once, one app per device, to get more points faster.  We asked the Manager of User Compliance about this, and this was her email to us:

The intent of Swagbucks is for our members to be actively engaged in any offer or activity and to have sincere interest when completing or viewing them.
This is why advertisers promote on our site and why we are able to in turn offer Swag Bucks to the community.
Running multiple devices at the same time is not considered active engagement in any activity.
That is why we let our members know that if you are looking to engage in multiple earning opportunities on our site, to please do each activity with your full and undivided attention.

We also asked about some Android users who have found the APK file, and installed the app on their Android tablet.  (Apps are designed for phones only, on both platforms.)  We asked the Manager of User Compliance about installing on a tablet, and this was her reply to us:

Our mobile apps are not optimized for use on tablets and are not permitted at this point.
We recommend logging in through your tablet browser.


Daily/Total Goals

There are three goals you should try to achieve daily.  These can be found in the left column of the main Swagbucks page.

The first is the Daily Goal (also called Goal 1).  It’s the lower of the two main goals.  The goal will change based on your activity, and how much you earn on a daily basis.  You should hit this goal every day.  (More on why later.)

The second goal is your Total Goal.  It’s a much higher amount than your Daily Goal.  Once you hit your Daily Goal, you’ll then see your Total Goal. 

Besides each of your goals, Daily and Total, you’ll the bonus for that goal.  Most times, it’s about a tenth (it varies) of the goal itself.  These bonuses add up, and are issued on the 5th of the following month.  (So January’s bonuses are accumulated, and issued on February 5, and so on.)  Obviously if you reach for your Total Goal everyday, you can rack up more bonuses for the next month. 

When those bonuses are issues, they do not count toward your Daily or Total Goal.

The third goal isn’t a point goal, but more of a Streak.  When you hit your Daily Goal every day for at least 7 days in a row, you earn a 25 SB bonus.  You earn larger bonuses for reaching your Daily Goal more days in a row. 

  • 7 day star = 25 SB
  • 14 day fantaic = 100 SB
  • 21 day triumph = 200 SB
  • Monthly Master (all 30/31 days) = 300 SB.

These bonuses are paid on the 5th of the following month, like the Goal bonuses.  They will post separately on the same day.  You will have one number for your Goal bonuses, and another of the above numbers depending on how many consecutive days you hit your goal.  The days don’t have to be Sunday-Monday, they can be any 7 consecutive days.  Below your Goal Meter, click Show My Winning Streaks, to know where you are at with it.  A Swagbucks day is the same as a Viggle day.  3am ET – 2:59am ET.

If you reach one streak, miss a few days in between, then hit another streak, you’ll get both of those.  You could hit a 7 day and 14 day, and get both bonuses.  Both will show up under your Winning Streaks


Gift Cards

Gift cards can be redeemed in any amount shown, and as often as you wish. You can redeem any 2 gift cards only twice a day. The new $3 Amazon gift cards for 300SB is unlimited as well (unlike the previous $5 cards for 450 each x5 a month).  Also, you can redeem one $25 gift cards, except PayPal, per month at the cost of  only 2200SB. All other $25 cards thereafter will be the regular 2500SB.  Read

this entry for more


The normal time, per Swagbucks’ site, for gift cards to show up is up in My Gift Cards to 10 business days, at maximum.  We’ve seen it happen in half that time, and we’ve seen it go almost 10 days.  You can check

Order Status

at any time to find out where your gift cards are in the process. 

Note:  There are rumors of Swagbucks flagging accounts that redeem for cards larger than $25.  That is simply untrue.  We contacted Swagbucks’ Manager of User Compliance, and asked her about the idea that they scan accounts that redeem larger gift cards.  This was her email to us:

We do not flag accounts for redeeming gift cards $25 or over, or for any amount, for that matter.
Any anecdotal correlation is simply a result of them being flagged for other behavior that is not conducive to normal viewing or activity, or to detection of hacks or unpermitted extensions.

It’s pretty simple.  Don’t break the rules, and you’ll be fine. 

Below is a new email from Swagbucks as of September 19, 2014, regarding the new way to get your gift cards:

You value your rewards and we love nothing more than delivering them to you.

Since 2008 we’ve awarded over $70 Million in rewards to you, our members. We want to continue delivering you the rewards you that work for and we want to make sure it’s the best experience possible.

In order to do that, we are going to launch a new system to improve Gift Card security, beginning tomorrow evening (September, 18th, 2014).

When your gift card order is fulfilled, we will notify you by email, similarly to how we notify you today.

1. Click through from the email to “View My Gift Card Code.”

* Not sure what email you have with Swagbucks?  See our latest blog post about

updating your email address


2. Next, you will need to enter your password or login to your account.

If you are already logged into your Swagbucks account, you will be asked to provide your password.  If you’re not logged in you will need to provide your email address and password.

If you can’t remember your password, you will need to reset it in order to access your gift cards.

3. Once you’ve successfully logged in to your account, you will be able to access your gift card. Here’s an example of what it might look like for you.

One thing to note: The link in the email that you receive for your gift card is valid for 24 hours.  Once that 24 hours passes, you will need to go to My Gift Cards and request a new email.

This new upgrade will affect both new gift cards as well as any gift cards you have previously redeemed.

We realize this is a big change and we want to make the transition to a more secure gift card process as easy as possible.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below and we will answer them for the next hour.

-Team Swagbucks



You can easily change your default search engine to be Swagbucks.  You can receive random bonuses for searching the web, as you would normally do anyway.  Swagbucks search is now powered by Yahoo, and we’ve noticed better results than before.

If you receive a bonus for searching, the site will tell you.

The bonus will count toward your Daily/Total Goal, too.  It’s simple to change your default search to Swagbucks in your browser.  Bonuses can be anywhere from 5 SB up to whatever.  We’ve gotten as much as 47 once (which is super rare, but if you’re in the double digits, you’re doing better.)


Go to Settings on your Chrome browser (the 3 lines on the top right of the browser)
Click on “Settings” from the dropdown list
Click on “Manage Search Engines”
Look for Swagbucks under “Other Search Engines”
Click “Make Default”


Go to your browser search field, this can be found on the right of your address bar, and click the drop menu and look for Swagbucks
Click on Swagbucks
*Please Note: If you’ve never performed a search from you may not see Swagbucks in the list.   Perform a search from and then follow the instructions to set it as your default search engine.

Internet Explorer:

Go to
Click the down arrow in the address bar
Click on the magnifying glass
Click “Add”

NOTE:  Be sure to search from your browser’s URL to qualify for those searches, not the Swagbucks search window on



Swagbucks has a Dashboard for surveys.  There are Gold, Daily Poll, Partner, and Peanut Labs.

On the Paid Surveys dashboard, go to Survey Profiles, and fill out any profiles offered.  (You can also access this area by Profile > My Settings > Survey Profiles tab.)  Answering these questions will give you 2 SB per profile, and there are roughly 16 to go through.  These answers help target surveys that you might possibly qualify for, so fill them out.

On a daily basis, check Trusted, Peanut, & Gold areas for surveys.  Surveys show up in the morning, and we also see them in the afternoon a lot. 



Swagcodes are pretty simple.  They’re a code you enter on the Swagbucks page (upper right), or on the Swagbucks app, for a few extra points.  It’s a bonus. Most Swagcodes are good for an hour, although on a weekend, it could be longer.  
Thursday is Twitter Trivia.  Swagbucks will normally tweet 3-4 questions throughout the day, and the answers is good for anywhere between 3SB – 6SB (or more sometimes), and are usually good only for the first certain number of people who enter it.  (It’s when we tweet a Swagcode and put NOW at the end of it.) 

We try our best to put regular Swagcodes here on this Swagbucks page, & tweet when a new code has been updated.

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