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Survival K-Game: All challenge Game

You were invited to join the Squid Survival K-Game! Are you going to accept the invitation?
The games are about to begin! 465 million, win the prize or death, are you the chosen one?

Squid Game Rounds:
1. Red light, Green Light
You must STOP on the red light and RUN at green light and must CROSS the finish line under the given time. Otherwise, you will be eliminated!
2. Honeycombs
You must CUT out the stamped shapes from the Honeycomb candy (Dalgona) at a given time. If the shape is not cut perfectly, you will be killed by the Red Guard!
3. Tug-of-war
Tug of war, also known as a rope pulling contest. You must join a team. Two teams PULL each other to the hole to eliminate each other!
4. Marbles
In teams of two, you and your opponent has 10 marbles to survive; one of your team must have 20 marbles for a set period of time without violence; otherwise, you will be eliminated!
5. Glass stepping stones
You must JUMP over a suspension bridge with glass panels on both sides, some are fragile glass and some are strong glass. If you CHOOSE the fragile glass panel, it will break and you will fall and be eliminated.

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