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Tentacle locker 18+ by xXXmushroom_XXx


Tentacle locker 18+

by xXXmushroom_XXx

There are some tentacles in the school lockers.. apparently they are taking girls and fucking them~?
  • 18

  • hentai

  • tentaclelocker

Tentacle Locker by Idontknowshiii


Tentacle Locker

by Idontknowshiii

i know this shit is cringe as fuck i’m just really horny and bored. by the way all the characters in this story are over 18, and have given consent
  • tentaclelocker

Spoonfuls Of Young Love by Special_friend09


Spoonfuls Of Young Love

by quinn moore

Milo goes to school with a new girl in class. She developes a crush soon after talking to her. New lockers have also came to the school, so milo books one just in time…
  • lesbianromance

  • younglove

  • hentai

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Tentacle locker by nikonikoneeanimegeek


Tentacle locker

by orchid

Its a game I just wanted to make it into a story enjoy😩
  • 2021

  • hentai

  • tentaclelocker

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Fuck It It's Tentacle Locker by void_collective_


Fuck It It’s Tentacle Locker

by Komaeda

  • nsfw

  • tentaclelocker

Tentacle Locker; A story by Todorokisimpbitch


Tentacle Locker; A story

by Xx.eating.your.soul.xX

Your name is Luna Pheonix. You have black hair, and go to Randall High also known as “Rape Central.” You hear a rumor about tentacles in lockers.
  • locker

  • tentacle

  • tentaclelocker

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