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[Chuyển Ver] Chàng Giảng Viên Cầm Thú Của Tôi by nhinie23_04


[Chuyển Ver] Chàng Giảng Viên Cầm…

by _dorisnhims

Bề ngoài là một anh chàng giảng viên nhiệt tình, tận tụy với công việc, nhưng đâu biết bên trong anh ta là một anh Chàng Giảng Viên Cầm Thú Của Tôi. Bởi chỉ có cô mới th…
  • thaitukhon

  • caixukun

  • shakingchloe

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Love Hurts by jagiya_jiminjeong


Love Hurts

by JiMinjeong

Y/N has had a tough life but made it through many ups and downs. Now living the best life, a young woman can ask for, Y/N is going to take the group to her own villa on…
  • kikixu

  • yuyan

  • zhaoxiaotang

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Lover [Book 1] by Suljiii


Lover [Book 1]

by 苏吉

From the author of the books: Loving an Idol and Project:Teotwawki, brings you ‘Lover’ – which is a fanfiction about Liu Yuxin and Xu Jiaqi – an underrated ship. A coll…
  • girlxgirl

  • lesbianromance

  • xujiaqi

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Project: Teotwawki by Suljiii


Project: Teotwawki

by 苏吉

It was new year’s eve when a contagious disease had escaped the mainland of China. Millions of death would blazed the newspapers and televisions, as the world hunts for…
  • lukeran

  • shakingchloe

  • xinsnow

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Ice Cream 'N Chips by scxkyn


Ice Cream ‘N Chips

by FallenAngel

Friends that have met before Will they be together again?
  • shakingchloe

  • bkly

  • shaking

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enemy | 崎昕 by minsooqq


enemy | 崎昕

by min

anqi X yuxin “Wth , why is she on my page” “Omg can’t my holiday be more peaceful where anqi and yuxin dislike each other but one of them accidentally…
  • youthwithyou

  • liuyuxin

  • yushuxin

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- qcyn2 oneshots - by peiskoss


– qcyn2 oneshots –

by peiskoss ♡

just youth with you oneshots, you know the drill 🙂 ONLY MEANT FOR FICTIONAL PURPOSES there aren’t really many of these out there, we thought we should make one ! lowerc…
  • shuxin

  • zhaoxiaotang

  • zihan

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l'amour de ma vie by iluvzkn


l’amour de ma vie

by YaNi

  • xujiaqi

  • liulingzi

  • daimeng

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LOL | THE9 [in hiatus] by myhh92_


LOL | THE9 [in hiatus]

by MYH

•[THE9 GC] Shaking just sent a photo• °Yuxin: what now? %•% THE9 always send CP sites, fake rumours or anything funny in their group chat.And they LOL the most for CP th…
  • kongxueer

  • xujiaqi

  • qcyn2

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