Stickman Basketball 2017-Download

Cute and Fast Action Basketball Fun

Stickman Basketball 2017 is a fast-paced basketball game that’s packed with fun action and of course stickmen! With plenty of teams to choose from and loads of cups and leagues to compete in this fun sports game will keep you entertained for quite some time.

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Fun and Fast Basketball Action

The simple graphics in Stickman Basketball 2017 are well animated and appear nice and smooth. Giving a quirky feeling to proceedings the teams of stickmen are well varied and there are over 115 of them. There are 4 levels of difficulty so you can choose your own pace at which to master the range of passing and dunks. As part of the league option you can even choose to take your team through an entire season as well as compete in the knock-out cups and tournaments. The control over the stickmen is variable with the choice of running being manual or automatic leaving you to concentrate on the passing and shooting. With multi-player modes and lots of unlockable items there’s lots of ongoing fun!

Quirky Fun With Sporting Stickmen

The lovable characters of Stickman Basketball 2017 are the stars of the show and give a unique twist to a fun sprts game. There’s plenty of challenges and skills to master. Simply put it’s fast and fun action on the basketball courrt.

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