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Send My Love to my self., my wife., my children., my employees., my pets.

As Malaysia’s 1st Subscribe Now Pay Later based gift marketplace, Send My Love promises that your loved ones will receive gifts on their special days without fail for the rest of your life! In fact, your loved ones will still keep receiving them from you even after the inevitable end of life.

The best part buying gifts with Send My Love is that you will not be charged until the gift is delivered to your loved ones.

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How To Subscribe Gifts in Send My Love

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to a specific product in Send My Love?

Go to the product’s page and click on ‘Subscribe Now’. Select all the relevant details and voila, you’re done! 

You are able to choose type of cycles ranging from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annually and also number of cycles starting with the minimum of two (2) cycles. 

How do I add a special event such as my anniversary and make it recurring every year?

Go to user dashboard and there you will be able to create, edit or add any special event that you may have in your life.  

In the same menu, you are also able to choose any gifts in Send My Love for that specific special event. 

How can I enjoy the Sub N Save discounts for the products that I subscribed to?

When you are about to subscribe to a product, you will be able to see the minimum number of cycles needed that has been pre-determined by the Seller of that product for you to subscribe and be eligible to the Sub N Save discounts. 

Do I need to pay lump sum for any of my subscriptions?

No, you don’t as you only pay as you received your order in each cycle! 

This is where Send My Love is truly the best subscription-based gift marketplace in Malaysia! 

Why am I getting a lower Sub N Save discounts from certain vendors that actually provide higher Sub N Save discounts whenever I wish to subscribe to multiple vendors at once?

In the event you wish to subscribe to multiple products from multiple vendors at once, Send My Love will automatically pick the lowest Sub N Save discount amount among all the selected vendors. 

Can I cancel my subscription plans?

Yes, of course you can.  

However bear in mind that each Sub N Save discounts that you have enjoyed from your previous cycles will be transferred back to the Seller. 

Is there any minimum or maximum amount that I can subscribe to as a Buyer?

There is no minimum amount. However the maximum amount that you can subscribe to for each subscription plan is RM1,000.00 only. 

Why do I need to pay RM1 every time I wish to subscribe to any of the products in Send My Love?

RM1 is a one-time payment gateway authorisation fee that is charged in the beginning of each and every subscription plan. 

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