🥇 Rokkr Bundle URL Code. Download Rokkr App for Android TV, IOS, APK & iptv.

Download Rokkr App for Android TV, IOS, APK & iptv. Rokkr Url usage Guide.

You are reading: 🥇 Rokkr Bundle URL Code. Download Rokkr App for Android TV, IOS, APK & iptv.

Download Rokkr app

Name Rokkr
Current Version 1.8.3 (Premium version available)
Requirements 5.0+
Total Downloads 500,000+
Developer Rokkr AG

Download Rokkr app

Since June’21, ROKKR (just like WATCHED) is limited to 1h / day if you are not premium (subscription at 20 € / year). But rest assured, I got you 3 Premium MOD versions without any limitation and functional for Windows, Android and Android TV for free. Checkout our guide to get

Rokkr Premium




1 Download Rokkr app

2 What is Rokkr?

3 How to use Rokkr App ? [Installation Guide]

4 List of Bundle URL’s for Rokkr

5 Is Rokkr it safe?

6 Is it legal to use the free rokkr App?

7 Conclusion

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What is Rokkr?

The company behind rokkr App describes it as the ultimate multimedia browser with unlimited possibilities. This is true to a major extent since in itself, the app merely allows you to browse, play and download content and its developers do not provide a curated library of content. Instead, the rokkr app relies on free of cost access to hundreds of TV shows and movies pulled through various bundles which have to be installed separately. These rokkr bundles provide you with links to various shows and movies which you can then stream from servers and sources all over the world and are available in different languages.

I was able to quickly stream and download an episode of “The Good Place” from rokkr apk from my android device at random and the quality seemed great. A cursory glance also showed “Lucifer” and “The Boys” in the mix. The list may vary depending on which bundles you install and where you reside.


How to use Rokkr App ? [Installation Guide]

Using the rokkr App is pretty straightforward after a basic setup is done. I have listed a step by step process below. Follow them and stream your heart out:

  1. To download the rokkr app, you’ll have to scroll to download section. Sometimes it is not available directly in Google Play Store or Microsoft Store. In such case, you should follow the links provided in this article to head to the


    page and download it from there.

  2. For rokkr On Android devices, you may have to enable installing unknown apps from the Security section before you can open the rokkr apk file. The exact steps for doing so vary from device to device and you can do a quick internet search for your own. The basic idea is same. You get the installation file and open it and le voilà!
  3. On Apple IOS devices : You may have to jailbreak your phone so that you can sideload the iPA. We have provided ios file in our



  4. After you install and open rokkr app, you’ll see a message stating that you need to install a MediaURL first.
  5. Rokkr URL : Type in any of the bundle links provided in this article (like and press continue in rokkr app.
  6. Rokkr url oha
  7. Once you press continue, it will resolve that link and then automatically navigate to the homepage.
  8. From here onwards, you can use it like any other streaming site. Tap on any title to open a list of sources you can use to play the title.
  9. You can use multiple rokkr bundles at once to access a wider variety of content.
  10. Rokkr Bundles

Note that once you start to stream, the MPV engine of rokkr might have trouble with screens not in the same aspect ratio as your screen. Switch to native engine by pressing the settings button when you are playing a movie to ensure a smoother experience.

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List of Bundle URL’s for Rokkr

Remember how I said that you’d need to install bundles in order for the rokkr App to be of any use. Well, these bundles aren’t just available out there with a simple google search. They’re definitely not impossible to find, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can get well and utterly lost. I have compiled a small list of URLs that you can enter in the add bundle section and the rokkr App will take care of the rest.

  1. : This is the most basic bundle one can have. Just copy and paste it into the enter URL field and watch the rokkr App do its magic.
  2. TED and Mediathek bundles: You can activate if you are interested in TED Talks or German Mediatheks. This bundle can be activated directly from settings tab.
  3. This is similar to If oha goes down, use this. My guess is that this server is maintained by rokkr developers.

Remember that all these URLs are prone to server downtime and they might even be taken down at some point in the future. If that happens, or if you would like even more bundles installed, then the reddit community for the rokkr app has posted a google docs link you can follow which has a plethora of  URLs available. Find it



Is Rokkr it safe?

You have a right to be incredulous when you hear the words free of cost. After all, how can any website or services offer such a plethora of content and not ask for a penny in return? To be honest, I am not entirely sure how either (Rokkr became paid since june’ 21. Download

Rokkr Premium

). Some people just say let the sleeping dogs lie! In any case, the rokkr app for android and IOS carries no more risk with itself than with any other media player app available out there. On my Android device, it did not ask for any special permissions, not even to access local storage. That is a good thing since it means rokkr apk is not accessing sensitive data on your device.

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Is it legal to use the free rokkr App?

This is a rather controversial discussion. Some people call it legal; some say it’s not. The opinion regarding rokkr is highly varied and arriving at a solid conclusion is hard. To make it easier for you I have summarized everything I can find about the matter.

  1. First of all, the rokkr App in itself does nothing illegal. It is just a wrapper or an interface between you and streaming websites. These websites are installed as a separate bundle and therefore, might not be considered a part of the rokkr app. The app itself is marketed as a multimedia browser and it does just that: browse.
  2. The URLs you install as a bundle are not Streaming content free of cost without paying the required and associated royalty fees was never legal and might never be.


There are many entertainment apps available for android and apple devices to stream movies, TV shows, sports channels, news channels etc. on the internet without paying a cent. However, the legality of such ways will always be questionable. Same goes for Rokkr apk.  you are always safer if you stick to verified alternatives.

We have premium version of Rokkr apk available for free. Download



Torrents have been around for a while now and hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, still use it, despite its ban in several parts of the globe. Similarly, as the demand for on-screen entertainment increases, so will the number of options for free of cost streaming. The rokkr App is a relatively new name in the market. What it will face some day is hard to predict. That being said, as long as it works, it is a remarkable app with access to almost anything you can think of and the quality is pretty reasonable.

Its feature set is limited at this point but as I said before, it might be improved as it gains traction. For now, rokkr app gets the job done without too much hassle and you can give it a try if you like. Till now, it doesn’t seem to have any risks attached and you get the added benefit of zero advertisements to interrupt your binge-watching sessions. This is an incredible advantage of rokkr as compared to directly streaming from websites like putlocker and 123movies since the advertisements there are both deplorable and numerous.

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