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Slots Inferno Casino Review

It never hurts when an online casino has a fun, colorful theme to help draw players into their website. That’s one thing that Slots Inferno certainly has going for it, with bright reds and yellows accentuating roaring flames as part of a fiery package. It’s colorful and artistic, something that at least presents the appearance of professionalism when you take your first look at their site.

Unfortunately, not every part of the operation here is quite as polished as their graphics would suggest. Sure, the software is solid, and the promotional offers may seem appealing. But a look at how former players on this site view the casino is very revealing, and not in a positive way. Serious problems with their cashier – particularly when it comes to withdrawals – prevents this site from truly being considered among the better

USA-facing online casinos


Update: Slots Inferno has now been added to our casino blacklist. This casino is a known scam and should be avoided. Check this link to find the

best online casino


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