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Interstate Animal Movement Requirements, built by GVL, provides the current regulations and requirements for moving any animal species within, to or from a state, and the information is verified by state animal health officials.


International Movement Requirements

USDA APHIS IRegs for Animal Exports website provides information about international export of animals. (This is not provided by GVL).

Visit IRegs for Animal Exports

GVL SmartEngine Technology

SmartEngine technology is what makes GVL’s digital animal health solutions truly different from paper forms, fillable PDFs and other electronic certificate products. Developed with the veterinarian in mind, SmartEngine technology saves time and frustration by making health certificate and VFD creation as easy as possible, while ensuring that the completed certificates are accurate and compliant with requirements.

GVL works with state animal health officials to verify their regulatory and movement requirement information to ensure that our system is current and accurate.


Learn more about GVL SmartEngine

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