Redream Premium Apk 1.1.98 (Mod Unlocked) Download for Android

Redream Premium Mod APK 1.1.98 (Premium Unlocked)

Ora Hart – 26/06/2021

Do you dream of playing on a Dreamcast again? Download Redream Premium and enjoy a Dreamcast simulator! Play your favorite games from childhood today now.

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1 Redream Premium – The Best Dreamcast Emulator

2 Highlights of Redream Premium

3 Download Redream Premium APK Mod – Latest version

Redream Premium Mod APK 1.1.98 (Premium Unlocked)Redream Premium Mod APK 1.1.98 (Premium Unlocked)

Name Redream Premium
Updated Jun 26, 2021
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.1.98
Size 7.3M
MOD Premium Unlocked



Recompiled LLC

Price Free
Google Play Link


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Video games today have come a long way from the first one being created in 1958 which featured a very simple Tennis game. Over the years, we’ve seen how games upgraded their graphics and gameplay. This is in part thanks to the advancement of technology especially the emergence of computers and smartphones. Today, we can easily play on our mobile phones. But if you want to play on a Dreamcast again, you can download Redream Premium now!

redream premiumredream premium

Published by Recompiled LLC, there are many emulator apps today that you can use. Most of these emulators allow you to play games on popular consoles like PSP, Xbox, PlayStation and many more. But in this app, you can enjoy playing on a console called Dreamcast which was originally released in 1998. Here, you can play popular games such as Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Soulcalibur and many more. You don’t have toe worry about the graphics as this emulator enhances them so you can enjoy them more.

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Redream Premium – The Best Dreamcast Emulator

If you love playing games, then you must have played a lot of them by now. There have been thousands of games developed and consoles created over the years. For decades, we saw how the gaming industry went from a small market to a behemoth that we know today. There are now a lot of pro gamers who earn money, streamers, and gamers all over the world! But if you miss playing on the Dreamcast console, then you should download Redream Premium now.

redream premium downloadredream premium download

Dreamcast was one of the earliest consoles released and it was a product of Sega. It was a smash hit all over the world as people still enjoy collecting them today. Although not a lot of people still have these now since the company has stopped producing the console years ago. But what this app does is that it emulates a Dreamcast console perfectly on your mobile phone! What this means is that it allows you to play your favorite Dreamcast games!


You can enjoy games here such as Shenmue, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Sonic Adventure, Resident Evil, Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi and more!

Highlights of Redream Premium

If you want to experience the joy of playing Dreamcast games again, you can easily do so with Redream Premium.

The Perfect Dreamcast Emulator – The gaming industry today is mainly divided into 3 categories – PC, console and mobile. Although a lot of games today feature cross-platform availability, most games especially indie ones focus on a single platform. So, if you’re missing the Dreamcast console today, you can easily play it with your mobile phone! This means you don’t need to have the Dreamcast console in order to play your favorite games. You just need the app Redream Premium and you’re good to go!

redream premium apkredream premium apk

This app emulates the Dreamcast console perfectly so you can play plenty of classic games. These includes games such as Volgarr the Viking, Sonic Adventure 2, Phantasy Star Online, Crazy Taxi, Ikaruga, Power Stone 2, The House of the Dead 2, Grandia II and many more. There are so many games that were popular o the Dreamcast console which you can play her now. You don’t need to buy the console and you just need this app. Here, you can enjoy the same joys you experienced when you first played the console!


Play lots of games – If you were someone who grew up playing Dreamcast games, then you’ve had an awesome childhood. Some of the most iconic games we know today came from the Dreamcast era. Thanks to Redream Premium, you can play a ton of games such as Samba de Amigo, Grandia II, Street Figher III: 3rd Strike, Power Stone, Metropolis Street Racer, Quake III Arena, Rez, Resident Evil 2, The Typing of the Dead and many more. Basically, any game that you can play on Dreamcast can be played here! You just need to download the game file and upload it here. But if your games re in zip or .7z file, you need to extract them first.

redream premium apk 2021redream premium apk 2021

High-quality – An advantage of playing popular Dreamcast games here over the console is that this one optimizes the quality of the games! Even though the games are old now, you can enjoy top-notch quality here. You can also enjoy the same control scheme from the original Dreamcast controller here.

Download and play – The beauty of this app is that it’s plug and play! You just need to download this app and download the game you want to play. There’s no need to configure anything and your phone can now function as a Dreamcast console!

Download Redream Premium APK Mod – Latest version

If you miss playing on a Dreamcast console, download Redream Premium now and enjoy popular classic games!

Download Redream Premium [7.3M]


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