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Convert Japanese novels to nicely formatted HTML files. Supports Aozora formatting. Allows embedding of bookmark anchors. Portable and does not require installation. Supports batch processing.

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  • Supports Aozora formatting (ruby, emphasis, images, underlining, gaiji, etc.)
  • Option to add bookmark anchors to “。” characters. Just click a “。” character and bookmark the page. When you load the bookmark, the page will return to the sentence that you left off at.
  • Option to break up the novel into smaller files that won’t hose up your browser.
  • Options to change the HTML style (font, colors, alignment, etc.).
  • Can process a single novel or an entire directory of novels.
  • Most novel encodings are supported (SHIFT-JIS, UTF-8, UTF-16, etc.). The output HTML will be encoded in UTF-8.
  • No installation required.

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