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Characters that appear in

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

under the category of Weed and His

True Companions


Characters listed in this group are Weed’s most trusted comrades and companions that have gone on numerous quests with him.

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Includes both the main male protagonist of the story, Lee-Hyun (Weed) and the main female protagonist, Seoyoon.

    Lee-Hyun aka “Weed, the God of War” 

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Lee-Hyun (a.k.a Weed)

Weed was an online legend, the greatest solo player of “Continent of Magick”, the biggest last-generation MMO of the world. The gameworld trembled when he moved, guild wars came to a halt to give him way and thousands of forum posts debated the true identity of the player behind this taciturn, enigmatic loner. Lee-Hyun didn’t really care about his admirers though, as he was just an impoverished, orphaned Korean teen, living by the skin of his teeth and working since he was a child in order to support his ailing grandmother and his little sister. He decides to give up the game by selling his account, and the ensuing bidding war results in him reaping in a small fortune… which is then immediately taken by a group of loan-sharks. With his determination rekindled he decides to create a new character in the brand new, explosively popular VRMMO “Royal Road” and do it all over again in order to fund the medical bills of his grandmother and the tuition of his sister.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack

    : His Scuplting Blade skill lets him ignore his enemies defenses to the point where he can

    cut immaterial creatures

    like ghosts or vampires in mist-form.

  • Art Initiates Life

    : One of his special skills allows him to bestow life upon his sculptures. Later he learns how to give bodies to immaterial spirits, which has roughly the same effect.

  • Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing

    : Lee Hyun has shades of this, but when he is in the game as Weed, it comes into full effect. This earns the veneration of the NPCs and low-level players and sends chills down the backs of his closer acquaintances.

  • Boring, but Practical


    Though calling it boring might be a stretch

    , his real life martial arts training manifests as this in the game world. While other players use flashy in-game techniques, his footwork and combat expertise allows him to go toe to toe against opponents that should have wiped the floor with him as a crafting class.

    • To give a more specific example, weed’s most damaging attack is not an in-game skill, but simply using his training and reflexes to

      hit the same exact spot over and over again

      for increasing bonus damage on each hit.

      And he can do the same even while using his special attack skills.

  • Defrosting Ice Queen

    : Towards Seyoon, after they became friends and began resolving his misunderstandings about her.

  • Difficult, but Awesome

    : The sculpting profession, especially Weed’s unique version of it. While it requires immense amount of dedication and grinding, it not only provides cumulative stat-boosts that can quickly snowball to frightening heights, it also gives access to a series of incredible skills with nearly infinite utility.

  • Embarrassing Nickname

    : “The Princess’ Knight.”

  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath

    : His most common battle-cry is “For the loot!”

    • His treatment of his minions also qualify, though it is YMMV on the “heroic” part.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight

    : So many people picked “Weed” as their user-name in the game in honor of Lee-Hyun’s old character, that when the actual person started using the same name, he could still stay hidden in the sea of Weeds.

    • Taken to truly ludicrous lengths when no one seems to be able connect the dots between God of War Weed and Sculptor Weed, even though Lee-Hyun never actually hides his identity on purpose or cultivates the two personas.
  • Hollywood Homely

    : Characters often comment about how plain he looks, even though he is tall, fit and has

    multiple girls vying for his affections (not including his actual fangirls)


  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold

    : While he is a manipulative, greedy scammer, he has a huge soft spot for his family, the elderly and children reminding him of his own past.

  • Manipulative Bastard

    : A talent he uses both for good (such as raising the morale of his men during battles) and bad (scamming people and manipulating them to do his bidding either by flattery or bullying).

  • Mr. Vice Guy

    : Due to his childhood circumstances, Lee Hyun is greedy and miserly to an almost pathological degree. He does it for an ostensibly good reason though, as everything he does is ultimately for the sake of helping his family.

  • Pragmatic Hero

    : Bordering

    Unscrupulous Hero

    territory at times.

  • Renaissance Man

    : Through dogged determination, grinding and a bit of luck, Weed not only learns a swathe of crafting skills usually reserved to specific professions, he even gets access to attributes such as Faith and Leadership that are usually restricted to different classes.

  • Royals Who Actually Do Something

    : As it is expected from player kings.

  • The Dreaded


    Wargod Weed

    was such a legendary character in Continent of Magick that wars between guilds came to a screeching halt when he appeared near a battlefield, lest they would rouse his attention.

    • While the NPCs and people looking from afar tend to venerate him, anyone who actually knows Weed personally tends to hold this view as well.
  • The Leader

    : In order to complete extremely difficult quests in solo, he had to learn how to utilize NPC allies to their fullest. Not only that, in combat he shows a natural charisma that lands him in the leadership position in any adventuring party or army he enters.

  • The Scrooge

    : Downplayed. While he is a penny pincher in everyday life, he rarely hesitates to make large investment if he expects greater returns in the future.

  • What an Idiot!

    : While he is normally really sharp, once he gets the wrong impression on someone or something, he tends to grab hold of the

    Idiot Ball

    and refuse to let it go for a while, usually making life harder for himself and the people around him.

  • What Is This Thing You Call “Love”?

    : He is totally clueless about women and relationships in general, to the point of cringing. For instance, despite clearly being attracted to Seoyoon, to the point of making dozens of sculptures of her, and dropping his normal greedy ways around her (such as giving her the animals / “future foodstuffs” he owns and refusing to take money for being her friend), it takes years for him to realize he’s in love with her.

    Seoyoon, The Ice Beauty 

Jeong Seoyoon

A beautiful young woman who became mute and withdrawn from childhood trauma. Her doctor tries to use Royal Road as a form of exposure therapy in order to help her socialize, where she meets and, after a lot of misunderstanding and tribulations, befriends Weed. After her condition improves she enrolls into the same university as Lee-Hyun.

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl

    : This is how people at the university view her.

  • The Berserker

    : A rare class that the game bestowed upon her due to the way she fought after registering in the game. It not only allows her to gain increasingly stronger buffs the longer she fights, each enemy she defeats restores some of her health and stamina, allowing her to effectively solo quests without requiring support from a full party, but in exchange she gets severely fatigued after the battle is over.

  • Hot Goddess

    : By proxy, as she is the model for all of Weed’s goddess sculptures around the world. Because of the same reason, she is considered to be the Goddess of the Grass Porridge Cult.

  • Meet Cute

    : Her first meeting with Weed had him enamored by her beauty and terrified by her PK mark in quick succession.

  • Morality Chain

    : She becomes one for Lee-Hyun as their relationship progresses, though only when it comes to small things like pets.

  • Official Couple

    : She becomes one with Lee-Hyun after a lot of misunderstandings.

  • The Quiet One

    : She starts out mute, then after some time she manages to be able to converse with Weed, then finally with the rest of her social circle, though she never stops being taciturn.

  • So Beautiful, It’s a Curse

    : She is so pretty other adventurers kept pestering her in the game so much she started wearing a mask to ward them off. In a much darker sense, she was so beautiful as a child and was doted on by her father so much, her mother became paranoid and believed they were in an incestuous relationship, leading to abusing Seyoon and finally culminating in her suicide that traumatized Seyoon into her condition at the beginning of the story.

  • Sustained Misunderstanding

    : When Weed first meets her, she has the mark on her forehead denoting her as a player killer. Because of this he immediately misunderstands her character and treats her as a dangerous schemer for dozens of volumes before the misunderstanding is slowly resolved.

  • Trauma Button

    : Because oh her discovery of her mother’s suicide as a child, seeing Lee-Hyun toppled over in his living room after eating too much sends her into a panic attack.


Weed’s Gang

A group of players Weed met on his journey who became his close allies and have settled in the Arpen Kingdom.

    Pale, The Archer 
    Romuna, The Magician 


    Surka, The Monk 
    Irene, The Priest 



    Zephyr, The Fisherman 


    Hwaryeong, The Dancer 


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