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Play View Download – Android, IOS, PC

If you are looking for Play View, then you are in the right place.

Movies are one of the best of entertainment. There are some of the great sources of movies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video.

But all these are paid streaming sources. Even by paying for a premium subscription you can’t watch all the movies. So, entertainment with all these paid stuff is limited up to an extent.

Lets cut the crap and come to the point,

What? If I tell you that you can watch most of the movies from the various genre like Action, adventure, Comedy, and Horror, etc. all in one app. Yeah, you read it right, I am not kidding.

Introducing you to PLAY VIEW FOR ANDROID.


  • 1 Why Play View?

  • 2 Play View App Download

    • 2.1 Play view for Android

    • 2.2 Play View for IOS

    • 2.3 Play View Online

    • 2.4 Play View for PC(Mac and Windows)

    • 2.5 Play View for Fire TV Stick

    • 2.6 Play View for Chromecast

    • 2.7 Descargar Play view for Android TV

  • 3 How to Use Play View

    • 3.1 How to Watch Movies and TV Shows?

    • 3.2 Play View is not Working, What should I do?

    • 3.3 How to Save Movies or TV Shows offline?

  • 4 Wrapping Up,

· SPANISH, ENGLISH and more Audio tracks
· Chrome Cast and Fire Tv Stick Support
· Save Movies Offline
· Streaming Quality Options

PLAY VIEW is an excellent app with lots and lots of movies to watch. New Movies are added regularly. You can watch Movies in Spanish as well as in English and more audio languages. You will love both.

All media of this app are stored on multiple Servers like Open load, Auroravid, Bdupload.Info, Bitvid.Sx, Nowvideo, and FlashX.Tv. You will not have any interruption with entertainment because of server problems.

Apart from Movies, you can also watch Tv shows with this app. Also, this app has Trailers of Upcoming movies and Released Movies.

Play view Movies is categorized by their genre. You can also download Movies from the app, just in case if you want to share with your friends.

List of Genres:

Action, War, Historical, Series, Sports, Comedy, Biographies, Documentaries, Mexicans, Cartoons, Animation, Science, Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Anime Series, Anime, Dramas, For the entire family, Terror, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Romance, and Thriller.

play view

play view

Why Play View?

  • Playview TV is the best app out here to watch movies.
  • Movies in Dual Audio (ENGLISH AND SPANISH and even more).
  • Support for 3rd Party Media Player*.
  • Save Movies offline.

*You can either use the inbuilt video player of you pelis or 3rd party video players like

MX Player

and VLC Media Player.

Play View App Download

You are reading: Play View APK Download-FREE Movies & TV Shows

Play view for Android

Play View is available for Android. This app is in continuous development with each update of the app makes the app more stable and also introduces new features and fixed bugs.

Unfortunately, it is not available in the Play Store due to some unknown reasons. However, we are here to help you with this. You can download Playview Apk from our website.


Play View for IOS

Apologies, Play View, is only being developed for Android and an online platform. Thus, IOS users cannot enjoy Playview movies on their IOS Devices.

However, if you have a computer or Chromecast or Fire Tv Stick, please look at the points below to find how to watch movies on it.

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Play View Online

Users who don’t have an Android Device can enjoy Movies and TV shows with Play View. Users are not required to install or download anything.

You will be using the web client of you Peliculas with a Browser. Follow the steps below to run play view para pc on your Computer’s Browser.

I have written an in-depth article on

Play View Online

, make sure to read it and clear all your doubts.

Play View for PC(Mac and Windows)

Sometimes it is more convenient and fun to watch movies on PC rather than on Smartphone, well at least for me I guess. I don’t like the small screen of the smartphone. It is more fun to watch Movies on a Bigger Screen.

Never mind I have a solution for this too. Read my article on

descargar playview para pc

to find out how you can run you peliculas on pc

Play View for Fire TV Stick

Watching Movies on TV is a great Experience. Play View can be installed on Amazon Fire TV stick with ease. The app will remain installed on your fire tv stick, and you will not have to connect your phone every time.

  1. On Fire TV Stick go to Settings > Device and turn ON the options for “ADB debugging” andApps from Unknown Sources.”
  2. Now download Play View Apk from our website and Easy Fire Tools from Play Store.
  3. Run Easy Fire Tools and Click on the icon in the top right corner(1) and then select your fire tv stick(2).
    play view fire tv stickplay view fire tv stick
  4. If you have play view installed on your phone, then select playview from “Installed” tab and click on “Install” button else you can install this app from the “Apps tab which is next to Installed tab also.
  5. After a few moments app will be installed on your Fire TV stick, and you start enjoying Unlimited Movies and TV Shows.

You can also Watch Movies and TV Shows in English with

Movie HD


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Play View for Chromecast

Chromecast by Google doesn’t have memory, so unlike Fire Tv Stick, we can’t keep Play View installed onboard. This is the reason you will have to connect your phone to chrome cast every time you want to stream from your phone to chromecast.

Follow the simple steps below to cast Play View movies from your phone to your TV via chromecast.

  1. Download and Install Play View Apk on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Download and install

    All Cast


  3. Run Play View on your Phone and select media that you want to stream on chromecast.
  4. Hit the play button and select All Cast as a player.
  5. All cast will connect to your chromecast and start playing your Favorite movie.

I suggest to plug in your phone into the charger as chromecast will drain your battery Fast.

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Descargar Play view for Android TV

Android TV box is a great device and is probably the best way to make a regular TV a Smart TV. With Android on board in your TV, you can do pretty much everything that you can do with your Phone.

Installing Playview on Android TV is not a big deal. It’s effortless as you can guess from its name Android tv runs on Android OS.

Hence we can install Playview and every other app developed for Android.

You can follow the steps below to install this app on your Android TV.

STEP 1: The very first step is to enable the installation of apps from “UNKNOWN SOURCE” you can skip this step if you have done so already.
STEP 2: Downloading Apk on your Android TV.
STEP 3: Installing the app and Running It.

  1. Start the Settings app on your Android TV, Now navigate your way to “Security” and check “Unknown Sources.”
  2. Download Play View App for Android Tv on your Android TV.
  3. Install the Downloaded App from

    [email protected]

    and Fire up Play View on your Android Tv.

You are good to go; Now you can watch and download any movies from play view to your Android TV. Cheers!

How to Use Play View

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How to Watch Movies and TV Shows?

Watching Movies and TV Shows in playview is very easy thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can follow the steps below to watch movie and tv shows with play view.

  1. Open Play View and Login to your Account (If you don’t want to share your email, follow this


    to learn how to use a fake email for registration).

  2. Now that you’re logged in you can see the latest stuff in the app. Click on the Icon in the top left corner to open the Navigation menu.
  3. You can now see that all genre is divided into various Categories.
  4. Choose the Genre you want to watch, and the app will show you all the movies or TV shows from that Category.
  5. Select the Movie or TV Show that you want to watch, and now you can see all Trailer of the movie at the top followed by Storyline and at the last Movie or TV Show itself for you to watch.
  6. Movie or TV Show that you selected will start streaming. Happy Streaming!

Play View is not Working, What should I do?

First of all, don’t panic, I know you love play view, and I will help you to fix up this problem. Follow the steps below.

First of all, we have to Identified the problem and then apply the fix.

Is the app not working after updating the app?
Download and install the previous version.

Is the app not showing any contents?
Check if your internet connection is working or not if it is then play view servers are not working temporarily. Check back soon.

Unable to watch any movies or TV Shows?
Clear Data of Play View App or if you don’t know how to do so then Re-install the app.

How to Save Movies or TV Shows offline?

This isn’t a hard task at all if you correctly follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the movie you want to Download offline.
  2. You will see a Hard disk or Memory kind of Icon, Tap that.
  3. Download Starts.

Wrapping Up,

So this is it, the end of my guide for you on Play View aka you peliculas. If you have any problems with then drop a comment in the comment section below. I am always here for you. We will sort it out together.

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