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» Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK 22.3.2 (Unlimited Money/Mod Menu)

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK 22.3.2 (Unlimited Money/Mod Menu)

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Name Pixel Gun 3D
Publisher Pixel Gun 3D


Size 1.64G
Version 22.3.2
MOD Features Unlimited Coins Gems
Requires Android


Updated April 17, 2022


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Bullets
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Different maps
  • MOD Menu
  • Silent Aimbot
  • Free shopping
  • All Guns Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked

– New community-created gun skins!
– New Mutated Season
– New event mode: Mutation
– Goliath Arsenal
– Space Parasites bundle
– Zombie Clown van
– Battle Royale Halloween-themed map

– Spooky remastering of some maps
– New tab with gun skins
– Pixel Pass adjustments
– Other improvements

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1 About Pixel Gun 3D

2 All New Clans

3 Clan War

4 800+ Unique Weapons

5 Plenty of Skins

6 Game Modes

7 Mini Games

8 Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK – Unlimited Coins and Gems 2022

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money) all guns unlocked Download for Android. And crush your opponents and win the game with unlocked everything features for free.

Pixel Gun 3D APK MOD Pixel Gun 3D APK MOD

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About Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale among the best action games for android available on the Google play store. Over the last few years, it has become very popular with the editors’ choice award from the play store itself. It’s also defined as an excellent First Person Perspective multiplayer shooting game with many advanced features.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APKPixel Gun 3D MOD APK

The game consists of 800+ unique and powerful weapons, 40 useful gadgets and tools, ten various game modes, exciting mini-games, and much more to play.

Moreover, it has fifty million plus downloads and 4.3 stars rating on the play store and millions of daily active players. So make new friends and play with them to win together. You also get to join many clans with great players all over the world in the game.

Some of its features are premium and users demanded us modded version with unlocked everything features so, we are providing the Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK free shopping.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK Unlimited Coins and GemsPixel Gun 3D MOD APK Unlimited Coins and Gems

All New Clans

The Pixel Gun 3D offers a variety of clans to join. Each clan contains various players with whom you can communicate and play. It helps you to unite with your friends and participate in clan wars to win exciting prizes.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK MOD MenuPixel Gun 3D MOD APK MOD Menu

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Clan War

After you create/join a clan with your friends, the next important thing is participating in clan wars. Each clan war you win rewards you with great prizes. Later, you can use those to strengthen your performance and clans’ performance in the game. So start clan wars from right you install the game.

800+ Unique Weapons

Weapons are the essential elements of the Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK, without them, you won’t be able to perform or win any match for sure. All those weapons can be equipped during the game itself, so make sure you look at them and pick them up. You can also upgrade them to your inventory.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK Free ShoppingPixel Gun 3D MOD APK Free Shopping

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Plenty of Skins

The past few years were a memorable time for the gaming community because the concept of skins was introduced. The game also contains plenty of skins that can be occupied through the shop/inventory section. But the problem is that it’s paid, but don’t worry because if you download the game from our site, then you will get it for free.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK All UnlockedPixel Gun 3D MOD APK All Unlocked

Game Modes

Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale offers many fantastic game modes such as Battle Royale, Raids, Deathmatch, Duels, and many more. So there’s a lot of entertaining stuff in it which makes the gameplay more engaging. You get multiple super and unique powers to compete with your opponents in all these modes.

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Mini Games

The game offers a lot of small/mini-games in itself. Don’t worry! Because all the mini-games are not only replayed to the battlefield but also to many other aspects. Mini-games like Sniper Tournament, Parkour Challenge, Glider Rush help you to improve your performance in the game.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK Aim BotPixel Gun 3D MOD APK Aim Bot

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK – Unlimited Coins and Gems 2022


Credits: Pixel Gun 3D game Offered by Pixel Gun 3D So, full credit goes to them for sharing this Shooter & Battle Royale game with us.

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