Mobizen, Easy and convenient screen recording in just one second!


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    No.1 Mobile Screen Recorder Chosen by 200 Million Global YouTubers


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  • Mobizen Earphone Ver.2 is released!
    The newly upgraded Mobizen Stereo Recorder.


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Google Play Best of 2016 App Award

Google Play Best of 2016 App Award1

Start recording, capturing, and editing in just one second!

  • Easy to start recording!
  • All menus at a glance!
  • Screen capture in one click!

So many features unique to Mobizen!

  • function01
    Set your own recording quality.
  • function02
    Edit intro/outro/background music.
  • function03
    Create fun short clips with GIF option.
  • function04
    With Clean mode, NO air circle! NO watermark!
  • function05
    Draw on the screen during the recording!

Check out Mobizens tips on YouTube!

  • youtube thum01

    youtube title01

  • youtube thum02

    youtube title02

  • youtube thum03

    youtube title03

  • youtube thum04

    youtube title04

  • youtube thum05

    youtube title05

  • youtube thum06

    youtube title06

  • youtube thum07

    youtube title07

  • youtube thum08

    youtube title08



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