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Free image processing tool

Ticatly is a free-to-use 

image processing

 and editing tool developed by Susie Delcarmen Gonzalez. As a compact 


 with small file size, it is a great addition to any mobile device, especially for those who love making small retouches or creative photo collages.

For experienced users of photo editing apps, Ticatly can be considered a lighter version of 

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor



. It definitely has less power and features in exchange for the user’s convenience and ease of use. So depending on your needs, this app can be the perfect partner for you.

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Stitch images in no time

As a small and compact app, Ticatly actually only offers five photo processing functions: image stitching, filters, image cropping, adding text, and rotation. However, you can rest assured that the control and interface for each of these features are easy to use and are designed so you can make the edits you need in the least amount of time possible.

Also, the app offers a number of presets for most of its features, making your job even easier. For example, there are a number of filters you can use to give your photo a certain feel. There are also photo collage formats, so you’ll only have to insert and adjust the images you need. All these are geared toward the app being limited yet being good at what it does.

The app, however, suffers from a glaring flaw: ads. They aren’t a permanent fixture on the screen as with other apps. Unfortunately, they still pop up every minute or so. This has been its issue since before the app was rebranded as an image processing tool. The ads still appear on the screen, and you must wait a certain length of time before closing them.

A compact tool

Ticatly, while limited in what it can do, has shown that it is good at what it does. It aims to give its users the best experience in the five features it offers. It has an intuitive interface, easy controls, and a lot of presets for its services. While it is visually hampered by the incessant ads, having this app on your device will help you when you need it.

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