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Tiancheng Cao

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Doctoral Student

BA in English, Tsinghua University; MA in Arts and Culture, Leiden University; MA in Media Studies, University of Amsterdam.

Previously: 1) MA in Leiden: The use of Google Street View as a spatiotemporal construction that contests the boundary between still and moving images for artistic purposes as well as within museological contexts. 2) MA in Amsterdam: The use of web browser extensions for activist purposes, including how they redirect user’s attention to social issues, promote user agency, and inform the relationship between browser platforms and extension developers. Currently: The increasing digitization and platformization of museum collections (through initiatives such as Google Arts & Culture) and how digital access to cultural content is reconditioned through such a platform’s various interfacial regimes.



Hometown: Hubei, China

Tiancheng Cao

Photo credit: Christopher T Assaf

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