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If you’ve grown up with


and one day realize you want something similar, but newer and simpler, then play The Elder Scrolls: Legends APK. This is a card game from Bethesda Softworks with an extremely attractive, diverse card deck and gameplay that can appeal to any strategy game addict. 

  • Introduce about The Elder Scrolls: Legends

    • About The Elder Scrolls: Legends 

    • The gameplay is neat, attractive, the battlefield appears as vivid as the real characters 

    • Modes

    • Adventure into strange lands 

    • Some races and clans in the game

    • Graphics and sound 

  • Download The Elder Scrolls: Legends APK for Android

Introduce about The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The most worth playing card strategy battle game on mobile  

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About The Elder Scrolls: Legends 

Card games always attract players on both PC and mobile because the gameplay is peaceful but contains a very high level of tactics and combat. Not to mention each card has its own fascinating life and personality, leading to many different possibilities and potentials throughout the game. In which the Collectible Card game is considered the main weapon for the mobile card game genre.

The Elder Scrolls Legends on APKMODY 1440x810

The main rule of the game is to collect as many cards as possible. Each card in this game is a character from a previous role-playing game, each has its level, stats, and skills, equipment, which can be enhanced during the game. Because the only task is to collect cards, mobile cards game often have another attractive factor, as in the case of The Elder Scrolls: Legends that I am about to talk about below, it is strategy. Combat combines the strange card arrangement, unlike any previous mobile card game. 

The gameplay is neat, attractive, the battlefield appears as vivid as the real characters 

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a mobile game of the card tactical battle genre. The main attraction of this card game is in the cards themselves, which are characters in many mysterious legends in the world of The Elder Scrolls. 

A special feature of playing cards in The Elder Scrolls: Legends is in the way of dividing lanes in each match, each player will have 2 lanes to place cards. When playing, you and your opponent will start a match with three cards and a Magica (which summons cards).

Every time it’s your turn, you’ll place cards in one of two directions on your lane, this split of two lanes requires you to fight together and be forced to win both lanes. In each lane, you can only attack each other or attack the opponent’s troops and have no other choice, can’t retreat or encroach on the next lane. Just like that, you make each choice carefully and intelligently, to collect as many cards as possible, power up your warriors and continuously challenge more skilled opponents in the attractive PvP mode of the game. 

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends has five game modes: story mode (Story Mode), Single Arena (Solo Arena), versus other players (Versus Battle – PvP), battle other players in the arena (Versus Arena), and a training mode for new players (Practice mode). Having a variety of game modes makes it easy for players to access the game and feel more attractive in highly competitive fighting scenes. 

The Elder Scrolls Legends 1440x810

Adventure into strange lands 

Playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends, you will slowly be led on a journey to conquer the mysterious land of Vvardenfel with the task of collecting 140 new cards. Along the way, you will face giant monsters, fight, destroy and open the blood way for your team. The enemy monsters also have many familiar skills such as Guard (enemy Taunt), Ward (shield), and Charge (attack)… And your task is to kill monsters and give battle fighting strategy to collect as many cards as possible on your team. 

From the beginning, when surfing through a series of cards, the game has officially opened for you a fascinating and epic storyline and strange, extraordinary peoples living in the land of the Gods. 

You will witness special people with their names, origins, and abilities. They are the embodiment of an age-old legend that would take hours to delve into. These are the stories of The Dark Brotherhood, the Clockwork City fables, and many other fascinating myths.

Some races and clans in the game

  • Argonian: a reptilian race capable of fast guerrilla combat.
  • Breton: a race of people capable of deflecting attacks.
  • Dark Elf: with tremendous strength and stealth.
  • High Elf: capable of casting spells and incantations.
  • Khajiit: a race of beasts capable of running at the speed of light, stealing weapons extremely fast.
  • Nord: mountain race, are mighty steel warriors of the highest order.
  • Orcs: race capable of training weapons and famous for being unpredictable. 
  • Redguard: Hammerfell race, capable of fighting with many great weapons.
  • Wood Elf: forest race, specializing in hunting and using rudimentary combat tools such as bows, crossbows, and slingshots skillfully.

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Graphics and sound 

The graphics of The Elder Scrolls: Legends are very attractive. The shape of each character, regardless of race, is very eye-catching. Each of them has a personality that is reflected in their facial expressions and physique. When entering the battle, the way the cards launch into the deck, jump up to wipe out the opponent looks very cool, excited, and strong just like being on a real battlefield. Accompanied by lighting effects and very special skills will make you extremely excited.

The Elder Scrolls Legends for Android 1440x810

The characters in the game are also excellently voiced, which is very suitable for the shape and personality of that nation. The voice is powerful, or sometimes very threatening. The charisma when the characters are trying to “threaten” each other on the chessboard before making skills, it’s so cool, almost blurring all the sound effects throughout the game.

Download The Elder Scrolls: Legends APK for Android

In short, anyone who loves card games and tactical combat, likes to be immersed in a powerful, mysterious historical world, you must play The Elder Scrolls: Legends at least one time. Download this game via the link below.



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