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25 Games Like The Room

Games Like The RoomGames Like The RoomExplore our collection of games like The Room which features other high quality free and paid puzzle games for iOS, Android and PC with unique puzzle mechanics.

The Room launched in 2012 on the iOS store and quickly became one of the top games on the platform with its unique blend of mystery, physics and adventure. At the time this combination and quality of The Room was ahead of similar mobile puzzle games and this success quickly led to an Android (2013), Windows (2014) and Nintendo Switch (2018) version amongst various 2012 mobile awards.

Unlike many other mobile games in the genre at the time The Room gameplay used three dimensional puzzle challenges that the players could manipulate. Players could rotate the game view in order to solve the puzzle boxes before them and also utilise a special lens that allows them to find important secret clues.

The games like The Room here aim to deliver a similar innovative or impressive puzzle experience, primarily for mobile devices. While a large majority of these games are available on iOS and Android devices a number of PC alternatives and free games like The Room have also been included.

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