Gacha Life Old Version Apk Download (Free)

Gacha Life Old Version Apk Download (Free)

Here we are sharing Gacha Life Old Version Apk (All Versions). you can download any version of this app as you want with just one click.

The term ‘Gacha’ is derived from Japanese toy machines and video games, and refers to a mechanic in which players are unlocked by the use of money, points, or digital money.

Gacha permits its users to create and customize anime-styled characters while selecting from a range of outfits and personalization details such as hair, eyes, and other features. Users may select any of eight mini-games to play while building skits, scenes, and having a chat with other players in the Studio Mode.

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Gacha Life Old Version Apk

Gacha is a famous kid-centric app for folks who love anime characters, as it enables them to customise and use their imagination to their heart’s content. It was developed by Lunime Inc. In Studio Mode, players can choose from eight mini-games to play, and also create gags, scenes, and communicate with other participants.

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old gacha life apk

old gacha life apk

It is a role-playing game that make it possible to create and customise anime-styled characters by selecting from a variety of outfits and personalising information such as clothing, eyes, and other features.

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Download V 1.0.9


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Download V 1.0.7


Download V 1.0.4


Download V 1.0.2


Features (Gacha Life Old Version & Newer Version)

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Dress Up

One of Gacha Life’s function is Dress Up. gacha life old version apk provides a wider range of accessories and clothes. Gacha Life also has a greater number of character slots. You can also add wings and tails to make them more special. The player may also give their character a name or have it created at random.There are a total of 20 character slots in old gacha life apk ,8 character slots that are ready for the studio and 12 character slots which can be accessed through a small button on the side of the main menu. The gamer can choose from one of the preset characters or create their own by modifying their character’s pose, hair, face, clothes, and accessories. You can also add wings and tails to make them more special.


Life is a central aspect of Gacha life version apk that isn’t present in any of Lunime’s previous games. The player will visit various locations and communicate with various NPCs. However, in order to approach any NPC, the player must have ample stamina. Purchasing Gacha can easily restore stamina, but being idle on Life will also restore stamina, although more slowly.

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There are eight games available in old Gacha life. It is one of the methods for obtaining gems. There are a fixed number of lives in each game. The game ends when the player runs out of lives, and the player earns their rewards. Their best score is kept. The player will see their score in Rankings if their score is high enough. You can also see how many Gems you’ll get depending on your ranking.


Chat has been one of the old Gacha life version apk functions, and it’s also present in many Lunime games. The user can see the virtual character, profiles, and level of other players. It was taken down due to bugs/glitches and/or offensive content and vocabulary.



Often YouTubers also creates Gacha Life clips, which they share with their followers. Gacha Life Mini Movies or Gacha Life Music Videos are the quite popular. They are appreciated by a large number of people, including their viewers.


The old Gacha life apk is being used for inappropriate material by some members of the Gacha culture. The majority of the group is opposed to it, while the remaining members are the ones who create such material. The objectionable material was disabled in the most recent updates, but not on iOS. Skin tones, provocative poses, and a variety of other Gacha Life products fall into iOS category.

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Gacha life old apk has gotten a mixed response from critics. Gacha life apk 1.0.9, on the other hand, is known for its offensive poses and clothes, as well as the ability to have skin-colored sections that make the character appear naked. It was chastised because many players took advantage of it to create offensive material.

Is It Appropriate for kids?

On the App Store and Google Play Store, the Gacha app has been given a ranking of 9+. Concerns have recently been posed about strangers asking young users to check their age by sending pornographic photos of themselves. Consequently, it’s essential to have conversations with your child to help them develop critical thinking skills about what is and isn’t reasonable and to warn an appropriate adult if they receive such requests. Parents may need to be aware of the chat feature and in-app purchase access, making certain in-app transactions on loot boxes are disabled. Parents can contact Gacha APK at any time to request a review and/or removal of their child’s Personal Information by providing the same screen name, password, and email address that their child provided.

Policy on Confidentiality

Gacha Life Old Version Apk & Gacha understands the importance of protecting your personal information, and we work hard to make sure that our service fulfills your needs. This Protection Extends to our product (the “Service”) on our controlled websites, mobile apps, and other properties where this Privacy Policy may be referenced. Third-party properties with their own security practices are not covered by this policy.

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