Unzip your files-Files by Google Help

Unzip your files

Files by Google allows you to extract and view contents of compressed files.
Note: Only .zip files are supported.


How to unzip files on Android phones? #zip #zipfiles #filesbygoogle #files

  1. On your Android device, open Files by Google Files Go.
  2. On the bottom, tap Browse Browse.
  3. Navigate to the folder that contains a .zip file you want to unzip.
  4. Select the .zip file.
  5. A pop up appears showing the content of that file.
  6. Tap Extract.
  7. You’re shown a preview of the extracted files. If you want to delete the .zip file after extraction, select the “Delete ZIP file” checkbox.
  8. Tap Done.
  9. The extracted files are saved in the same folders as the original .zip file.

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Memory full error

If your storage is full, you may receive an error message when files are getting extracted. To fix this issue,

increase your device storage space


move your data to an SD card


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