Udates from Yale New Haven Health

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Udates from Yale New Haven Health

April 24, 2020

I recently received an update and wanted to provide you the latest information on Yale New Haven Health COVID-19 activity.

The most recent data reported on April 21 found that Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) testing sites, located throughout southwestern and southeastern CT, have tested over 23,000 people since opening their first site at Greenwich Hospital. Approximately 26% have tested positive.

YNHHS hospital affiliates are experiencing a slight decline in COVID-19 positive inpatients after a month of growth, and continue to be the largest providers of care for this population in the State: Yale New Haven- 448, Greenwich-104, Bridgeport- 205, and L&M-21 on 4/21. Since March 14, YNHHS hospitals have discharged over 1100 people who had been inpatient with COVID-19.

YNHHS has also been asked about the expansion of testing and offer antibody testing. Currently, YNHHS has three testing capabilities, including rapid (2 hours), in-house (6 hours) and, through an arrangement with the Mayo Clinic, another offering 24-48 hour result turn-around.  They are looking forward to begin antibody testing in the near future.

We hope you are well, and that your are staying home and practicing safe distancing, which we believe is working to flatten the curve here in Connecticut.  Thank you for your ongoing support.” -YNHHS

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