How to download and play the Clash Mini beta

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How to download and play the Clash Mini beta

Step by step guide on how to download and play Clash Mini beta right now!

How to download and play the Clash Mini beta

| Nov 10, 2021





Clash Mini

Clash Mini has just launched in beta. Today, in this post, we will share how to download and play the beta of Clash Mini from anywhere in the world.

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About Clash Mini

Clash Mini is one of the three brand new supercell games that are in development. It’s a strategy

board game on mobile

where players compete and use strategy to place their miniatures on the playing board, which then take part in a battle against the opponent’s miniatures. Here a lot of attention has been given to the tactics used.

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How to download Clash Mini beta?

Clash Mini is now beta testing in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Canada. The beta is available on both Android and iOS.

If you reside in any of the countries mentioned above, you can simply head to

Google Play

or the

App Store

to download and play Clash Mini right away.

But if you reside in a different country, but are still interested in getting your hands on the game, you can do so by using a VPN and downloading the game’s APK file.

Follow these steps to download and run the Clash Mini beta on your Android device:

  • Download a 3rd party app store app such as APKpure, TapTap or uptodown
  • Open the app and search for Clash Mini
  • Download and install the Clash Mini APK
  • Download a VPN and connect to Canada (or any other country mentioned above)
  • Open the game and enjoy playing

Unfortunately, there is no such bypass for iOS users. They can try downloading the game by switching regions and creating a new account on the App Store.

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When will Clash Mini release globally?

Supercell has not announced a global release date for Clash Mini yet. We will make sure to update you once any news arrives. Meanwhile, you can check out the game’s

official website

to stay updated. Interested in strategy games? Check out our list of the 

Top 25 best strategy games for iPhone and iPad (iOS)


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