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Fur Affinity

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Project Goals

This project is written to be able to benefit from

content on iOS through a more friendly and native experience. It also serves as a learning project for the

technologies mentioned below

. It can also be useful to other people and is thus provided by the means of this opensource GitHub project.

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  • Submissions feed
    • Submission download
    • Submission details
    • Submission like
    • Submission comments
  • Journals feed
  • Messages reading
  • Notifications
  • Exploration



website hosts NSFW content in addition to SFW content. This prevents such application from being distributed through the official App Store. Nervertheless it can still be used on your own device through sideloading, for instance with


or, if you are a developer,

by installing the app on your device with Xcode


You can get the IPA file to install the app on your iPhone from current



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Can I trust this app?

The application is unofficial so you may wonder if it’s trying to steal your Fur Affinity account or some other personal information. The fact that you have access to the full source code lets you check how it works and specifically the fact that no password is ever known to the application. The app also does not try to use any personal information beyond what is stricly necessary to let the application run: it reads the submissions listed on your account to give you access to them in the app, etc.

How does it get access to my account?

The app displays login webpage to let you enter account details. These are communicated by the web browser to which will then create cookies that allow your session to remain active. The account details communication only happen between the web browser and server, the app only has access to the created cookies. The application then reuses these cookies to make requests to as if connected with your account.

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Will I get banned from Fur Affinity for using this app?

As of July 2020, Fur Affinity staff allows the use of the application as long as it does not make excessive requests to This goes against apps that download the full gallery of a user for instance, but not against this app which, from’s point of view, behave very similarly to a usual browsing experience.

Technologies and Requirements

This project is fully written in Swift and is based on SwiftUI and Swift Concurrency. As such iOS 15 or later is required to run the app.

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