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Wild Inferno Slot Machine

Slot game players are never afraid to get out of their comfort zone to try new experiences, if there are some big wins at stake of course.

Wild Inferno is a video slot game designed by


that will take you below the surface of the Earth, all the way into the realm of the devil himself. This little trip to hell might sound daunting, but with a little practice you will soon realize how rewarding this could be.

Take a few minutes to read our full review of Wild Inferno and discover the many surprises this slot game has to offer.

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One-Way Ticket to Hell

Wild Inferno is taking you where few have gone and came back, virtually speaking of course.

The entire background of the game is engulfed in bright red and orange flames. So much so that there is nothing else to see but an orange wall of flames, burning away all the details and perspective.

As a result, Wild Inferno is not really striking and does not give much to players to look at as they spin the reels. Bur there is surely more than that to the game, so let’s head on to the next section to learn more about the gameplay.

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Eyes on the Reels at All Times

The basic rules that govern Wild Inferno are very straightforward. It should not take long to any player, experienced or not, to figure out how to get the game started.

The game matrix itself contains 5 spinning reels and 40 paylines, onto which specific symbol combinations have to land in order to trigger cash prize. These paylines are fixed, which means that you will have no choice but to bet on all 40 of them at every turn. First of all, you need to check out the command bar under the reels and use the buttons there to choose a wager to place on your next spin.

All cash rewards depend on the symbols that line up on screen and the size of your wager. As a result, you need to put more on the table if you want to win more on your next spin. The bet max button is there to let you go all-in and place the highest bet possible with a single click of your mouse. Alternatively, you can switch to autospin mode and let the reels sin loose for as long as you want, while keeping your bet settings intact.

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Keep an Eye out for the Right Symbols

The paytable of Wild Inferno is made up of two groups of reel symbols, as it is often the case in modern slot games. Distinguishing between the two groups is quite easy.

The first group is entirely made up of familiar card icons. The numbers 9 and 10 are followed by the Jack, Queen, King and Ace, for a maximum reward of just 50 coins. On the plus side, these symbols are very common on the reels of Wild Inferno.

The dice, violin, heart, pot of gold and devil symbol are a little rarer, but you can win up to 100 coins with them. Overall, the basic rewards of Wild Inferno are not as juicy as in other slot games. Fortunately, there is more than meets the eye here.

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An Original and Challenging Bonus

To really take advantage of your stay in hell, you will have to aim for the Wild Inferno bonus round at all times.

The trident symbol is a scatter that can trigger said bonus round. Find three of them anywhere on the screen at the same time to trigger eight free games. Notice that this same bonus round can also start randomly at any time, without warning. Only during the

free games

will you see a wild symbol on the reels, ready to replace any other icon.

Collect as many wilds during the free spins as you can, and you will trigger a special reward. Open the parcel that appears before you and you will reveal which regular symbol will turn into extra wilds for the remaining of the bonus round. The more wilds you get, the more basic icons become wilds themselves.

A Guaranteed Quick Start

Wild Inferno is an overall easy game to play, with simple rules but relatively low rewards available.

The essence of the game truly lies in the

progressive bonus game

. Once you are in it, let the hunt for the wilds begin and try to accumulate as many winning combinations as you can in the process.

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