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Power Cohn for Smartphones – Get The Latest Version of Power Cohn For Your Phone

Powerdirector – Bundle Version is the latest upgrade of Powercules for mobile phones. The new version offers more features compared to its predecessors. The video editing software gives you a variety of controls to help you create high quality videos, even when your phone has no memory. The new version also adds support for the Android Wearables projectors. Most video editing software on mobile phones are heavy in size and slow in performance. Android devices with the Android Wearables application is very useful as it allows users to view their videos directly on their wrist.

For those who are already using powercules on their mobiles, the new bundle version should be installed in the default directory of your phone. However, this application should be connected to a network and internet connection so that it can successfully download the latest files. Some cell phone users who are not connected to any wireless network can use this software by installing it in internal memory and then connecting it to the internet.

Some of the most notable features in the new version of power director include: improved image stabilization, faster video loading time, fixed camera problem where you can see the hands of your subjects while taking images or making videos, quick launch of Chroma Key plug-in, bug fixes and performance improvements. The software also includes extra features such as Histogram, Color Effects, Noise Reduction, Image Motion Detection, and Speed Corrections. The most outstanding feature of this new bundle version is that it can be used along with the Android Auto dialer. You can record several calls simultaneously. Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements include notification and call log removal, improved text-to-speak capability, option to turn off vibration feedback, and new logo.


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