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Friday Night Funkin’ Walkthrough is a mobile

game guide

created by FridayPredatorfunkin. The application is for the hit


themed game, Friday Night Funkin’. The developers claim the app contains many useful hidden secrets, a Friday Night Funkin’ building game, and a break of all stages and missions of the game that you can use for your advantage.

For the uninitiated,

Friday Night Funkin’

is a rhythm game for PC. The gameplay is inspired by PaRappa The Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution wherein you press the key when the floating arrow matches its shape (seen on top of the screen). 

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What is Friday Night Funkin’ Walkthrough?

The guide is a single-purpose product. It gives you the fundamentals of the original FNF game as well as the distinctions between the mods. If you want to get any alerts that seem to be missing, you’ll have to send the provider your phone number. For a free and simple app that guides you through the basic functions of the


, it gathers quite a lot of personal details.

It has a variety of advertisements that detract from the experience. It’s simply there to support the developers. Apart from that, it’s easy to navigate through the app. To switch from page to page, the main page has a backward and forward button. It also provides you with details about recent updates but, again, after you’ve provided your phone number. 

Aside from that, there isn’t anything else. The guide isn’t very good and has a limited variety of uses. The interface is simple since it excludes content that could easily be found on the game or mod itself. It also doesn’t provide you with many helpful hints for playing the game, so it’s not worth having to go through different advertisements the app presents to you. 

Best to just download FNF directly

Overall, Friday Night Funkin’ Walkthrough isn’t that useful. It has very little tactical advice and does not cover topics such as how to get better at playing. Rather, the app focuses mostly on the game’s technological aspects, with no concentration on gameplay or advice for playing faster or better.

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