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A free mobile battle royale game

Fortnite Battle Royale is a popular game in the battle royale genre that shares many similarities to its computer counterpart, except that it lacks the Save the World gameplay option. The application uses a variety of mechanics to deliver entertaining matches, whether you’re playing alone or with others in a squad.

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Build to victory

Fortnite Battle Royale is a great game to play from the popular genre as it offers alternative survival strategies that will fit your gaming style. The game is free to play but has a large selection of cosmetic items available for purchase.

The developers continuously add new experiences to the game, as well as skins and emotes that you can show off. The application also uses battle passes to encourage players to complete challenges and unlock rewards.

While the initial download is small, the game requires a fair amount of space and system resources to run smoothly. You will also need a device operating on at least Android 7.1.

Battle royale

Fortnite is a battle royale game, where 100 players drop onto the map, choosing their location strategically. Once you land, you’ll have to search for equipment or break down trees and walls to gather building supplies. After a few moments pass the map’s safe zone begins to shrink, forcing all players closer and closer until there’s only one left.


A change from the fast-paced battles and rushed shelters in the normal game, creative is a game mode that allows you and your friends to build anything or explore the creations that other players have made. There are countless community creations available from the Creative hub for you to discover.

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Is Fortnite bad for kids?

Due to the lack of violence in this mode, the game is great for kids as it helps express their creative side. Even in normal matches, though, there’s no excessive gore or violence.

Building in battle

One of the most unique mechanics in Fortnite is the ability to collect resources and build structures. This ability allows you and your fellow players to develop strategies that use ramps to gain height above enemies or crash through a wall when looking for loot.

There are three different materials available. These are namely wood, bricks, and metal, with each of these being stronger than the last. With ten pieces of a resource, you can build a wall, ramp, or floor. Each structure can be edited to have gaps or doorways that you can shoot from.


Fortnite has many cosmetic items available that you can use to personalize your experience. You can purchase emotes and activate them at any point, especially to brag about your victory. Skins customize how your character looks but does not affect gameplay.

However, due to the nature of emotes, you can use them as an advantage during the game to hide by sitting or dodging bullets while dancing. You can unlock cosmetics by purchasing a battle pass.

Play with friends

There are multiple modes available in FBR that fit your solo or group playstyle. Through your Epic Games account, you can invite or join your friend’s squads, with each team size having its own game mode. Squads can be formed with two to five people and can be filled with random players if you start a match with too few teammates.

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Amazing graphics

Since the game was updated to Chapter 3, the graphics have been improved to display a much higher level of detail. However, it’s due to these graphics that the game struggles to run on older mobile devices. This is all the more difficult to work with if you’re planning on joining the official league competitions using this platform.

Weekly updates

Fortnite is constantly expanding as there are many additional cosmetics added, fun battle passes and challenges revealed, new gameplay modes, or new weapons and items. These new features provide an incentive to play, especially when you purchase a battle pass and need to earn your rewards.

Level up

Aside from battle passes and new game modes, there are weekly tasks that you can complete to level up. Through leveling up, you earn rewards and cosmetics that reflect your dedication to the game as each player earns the same rewards.

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Fortnite Mobile uses crossplay, which allows you to play matches with opponents that are using other devices such as Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch consoles. You can also fight with or against players that are using a PC or Mac computer to run the game.

This may seem unfair as mobile has the worst controls out of all the listed platforms. However, you are more likely to play against opponents on the same device when playing alone. When playing against other platforms, you can rest assured knowing that you’re all in the same skill range.

Fun in Chapter 3

The Chapter 3 Season 1 update is packed full of goodies for both new and old players to enjoy. Not only does it have a brand-new map that comes with thematic playable skins you can unlock in the Battle Pass and buy in the item shop, but it also offers new gameplay mechanics such as sliding, swinging, and faster crawling and the ability to set up a healing camp with a Tent. Additionally, Battle Pass XP can now be earned through Creative Mode via Accolades, and wearing the new Victory Crown will give bonus XP the longer you defend it against players eager to steal it.


If Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t your style or you’d like to try a different battle royal game, you may find these alternatives interesting.

PUBG Mobile

is another popular BR game that offers a variety of modes for you to experience. However, much like Fortnite, this app requires a good device to support its resource needs.

PUBG Mobile Lite

is a more device-friendly version of PUBG Mobile, allowing you to use an older phone or tablet without sacrificing game playability. The app is still a great battle royale and shooter that’s fun to play.

Garena Free Fire

is a survival shooter that’s free to play. The game delivers intense battles between you and 49 other players as you drive vehicles and find equipment, striving to be the last one standing.

Battlelands Royale has small battles consisting of 32 players. The app has upgradable characters and a cuter art style than many alternatives.

Play your way

This battle royale game adds to the genre with its exciting mechanics and goofy design. The controls take time to master, and as you do this you’ll slowly play more challenging games thanks to the skill-based matchmaking.

Recent updates brought Fortnite into Chapter 3—giving it a fresh coat of paint to the game’s ever-changing landscape. Among these upgrades are the enhanced graphics and the new map that players will eventually master.

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