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Free streaming apps for cartoons and anime

Watch Cartoon Online TV is a


application from Aries Media that allows users to watch animated movies and series on their mobile phones. Free to download and install, this


service has a long list of cartoons and anime. It even comes with a list of anime dubbed in English. It is like having the

Cartoon Network App



on one platform. The downside, however, is that majority of its offerings does not contain video.

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What is Watch Cartoon Online TV?

Watch Cartoon Online TV is a


service that offers a wide selection of




. The app is free to download and is not resource-heavy. It also does not require registration. With this, you use the app without providing any information or signing in on any account. You only have to launch it to see all the titles that you can stream.

The app has a simple interface. Upon launching, you can see a list of the recent episode releases and new series recently added to the app. By scrolling further, you can see all the ongoing and popular titles listed in alphabetical order. There are also different tabs available, which organize the shows into different categories. With this, you can browse for dubbed or subbed anime, cartoons, and animated movies. There is even a tab for the OVA series. If you have a title in mind, you can also search for the title by tapping the search icon.

Clicking the title of the show will direct you to its information page. Here, you can see a summary and a small poster. You can then click the Episode tab to see all the episodes available. Clicking any of the listed episodes will lead you to the video player. However, as noted, most of the time, this feature does not work. In fact, the app lacks content.  Also, since this is a free streaming app, expect advertisements to pop up every time you tap the screen. 

Not worth your time and data

At a glance, Watch Cartoon Online TV is an excellent app for anyone who enjoys watching cartoons and anime. The app offers a long list of shows and comes with an easy-to-navigate interface. The only problem is, almost all of its offerings have no video content. As it is now, the app is nothing but an app that lists down the popular animated series and movies today. 

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