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Five Nights at Freddy’s RPG

FNaF World is a


spin-off game of the famous horror game series

Five Nights at Freddy’s

. In this game, you won’t be running away from scary animatronics. Instead, you’ll control them as they go on an epic adventure. You’ll lead a team of animatronics as they explore a nonsensical world, take on a bunch of challenges and complete many quests. FNaF World is a fun, free-to-play game. However, you’ll quickly find that it has numerous things to improve.

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FNaF in a different light

FNaF World is a ridiculous and wacky game, very much like the FNaF games. However, gone are the jumpscares and eerie atmosphere that made the franchise a popular

horror game

series. Instead, you will embark on a quest and complete various challenges. As mentioned, the protagonists this time are the animatronics that used to traumatize the players in the original title. However, this time, their personalities and appearances are redesigned, making them more adorable and friendly.

What you will do in this game is to create a party that you will control. There are more than 40 characters available, and each of them comes with unique skills that you can utilize. The gameplay is the usual one you would expect inside the


genre. You will manage your party, raise their level, and equip them with different objects. Your main goal is to find the source of glitches that make the world you are in degrade and rot.

At first, the game may seem as much fun as the original title. However, as mentioned, it is actually a disappointment. There is no clear objective in the main mission, and it offers no guide or plot to justify your actions. It lacks direction, making it hard to find the glitches and errors.

The battles, meanwhile, are like those JRPGs in the 90s. The matches are turn-based and random. In each fight, you will attack first, and then your enemies will retaliate. Moreover, there are no descriptions for the attacks. There is also no strategy in battles. You can spam your enemies with any skill you want until you win—or lose. 

Disappointing and boring

FNaF World may have the same characters as the original FNaF games, but it is a different experience. This game will not take you on a chilling adventure. Instead, you will see a fantastical world filled with friendly yet ugly animatronics. The story is confusing and the battles are boring. There are hardly any secrets or incentives that will encourage you to keep exploring. All in all, this game does not live up to the fun and excitement that the original series offered. 

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