Rebellious Million Arthur for Android-Download the APK from Uptodown


Rebellious Million Arthur is a 3D MMORPG developed in collaboration with NetEase and Square-Enix. It’s the first time players can adventure within the franchise, since previous entries were only single player titles with card based battle systems.

All of the action in Rebellious Million Arthur takes place in real time. With the virtual control pad on the left you can move your character, while the right side of the screen has buttons to attack and activate the special abilities of your comrades.

Like any other good MMORPG, in Rebellious Million Arthur you can move freely throughout an enormous city with not only a bunch of NPCs, but also other players. Here is where you will find new missions, hop into dungeons filled with enemies, buy new weapons and armor, and much more.

Rebellious Million Arthur is a fun MMORPG with excellent graphics and a dynamic combat system. The game also has all kinds of options to customize and dress up your companions, including giving gifts to make them get along better.

Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Nick

You are reading: Rebellious Million Arthur for Android-Download the APK from Uptodown


  • Requires Android 3.2 or higher

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