SiriusXM for Android-Download the APK from Uptodown


SiriusXM is an app for listening to tons of live radio broadcasts. This platform has a super simple interface from which you can tune into your favorite stations with ease.

On this app, it only takes a few seconds to find a radio station that interests you. Just slide your finger to browse the main menu and select the logo of the station you want to check out. You can also find a specific station by entering it into the search field.

SiriusXM’s built-in player is easy to use, providing all the basic controls you need for radio. In fact, another strength of this app is that it lets you look up specific programs and broadcasts by searching for them by name.

SiriusXM has everything you need to tune into tons of radio stations and listen to live broadcasts. The catalog is constantly updated, too, so you’ll always have something to listen to on your Android. Even better, the playback is really high-quality, and there are extensive customization options to boot.

Reviewed by Carlos Martínez Translated by Taryn

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