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Everything Home – Launcher App is a launcher for Android that allows you to quickly access all of your apps, including other apps that you don’t even have installed. Why? Because it can make recommendations to you based on your habits and tastes.

The main function of Everything Home – Launcher App is that you can begin to write the name of any app in the search bar on the lock screen, and it will automatically display the apps that start with those letters… including apps that you don’t have installed yet.

For example, if you write ‘Shakira’ in the search bar, Everything Home – Launch App will recommend some albums if you have any stored on your machine, as well as any music-based app on your phone (Soundhound, Spotify) that you could use to listen to her music.

In addition to that, Everything Home – Launcher App will recommend certain types of apps. For example, when you open a folder containing video games, you can choose to play one that is installed on your device, or install something that you haven’t tried yet.

Everything Home – Launcher App is an attractive, interesting launcher that enables you to easily enjoy tons of apps.

Reviewed by Andrés López

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