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Fundo Wear is a tool designed for those who want to access the data from their sports watches on their Androids. The app is compatible with just a limited amount of brands and models, so if you want to enjoy all its tools, you will need to make sure that it is compatible with the product you have.

To connect your watch to the app, you need to press the ‘Bluetooth connection’ button and wait for it to connect. Once the process is complete, you will be able to change the name of the watch and search its location, as well as syncing its information as many times as you like to make sure you always stay up to date with your progress and goals.

Fundo Wear lets you see how many steps you have taken throughout the day, the distance you have walked, monitor your sleep, find out how many calories you have burned and measure your progress according to the goals that you have set. Additionally, you can look up all the data concerning your heart rate and its change over the course of the day. All this data is stored day after day, meaning that you can check your data from weeks or even months ago.

Download Fundo Wear and monitor closely your progress with your daily goals, edit your goals and outdo yourself each day, thanks to the constant flow of information between this app and your sports watch. Find out each task’s exact percentage of completion and improve your health with this app.

Reviewed by Nelson de Benito Translated by Eloise

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