PojavLauncher APK for Android-Download

Free launcher for Minecraft Java version

PojavLauncher is a

game utility

developed by ArtDeell. This free app is a

Minecraft launcher

created in Java. With this, you can run the Java version of the popular

sandbox game

from practically any Android device.

PojavLauncher can run older versions of Minecraft from 1.12.2 onwards. The app is also easy to use and is compatible with Microsoft accounts. However, it should be pointed out that this is an unofficial development maintained for altruistic reasons. With this, expect issues once it is running. Your game might be interrupted abruptly or the app might stop altogether. 

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What is PojavLauncher?


has been in the game market for so long, but the sandbox video game doesn’t seem to get old. Despite similar games sprouting from other developers, it enjoys robust health in terms of users. To date, there are various versions that you can play. However, some versions require launchers. And those who use the Android versions can download PojavLauncher if they wish to recover previous iterations.

As mentioned, this app is a Java-based launcher that enables users to run older versions of Minecraft from 1.12.2 onwards. Using the app is simple, as all you need to do is log in with your Mojang ID. You can also use your Microsoft account. It also allows you to store more than one account on its system. You can even use


to customize your gaming experience.

Once logged in, press the play button for Minecraft to run automatically. However, as noted, the app is not from the official developer. Players may experience performance issues while using it. Not only that, but if you are running Minecraft higher than 1.12.2, your device should have 4GB RAM. Moreover, while it can run on practically any smart device, the app has problems with some phone models.

Is the app good?

Overall, PojavLauncher is a handy tool to have for hardcore Minecraft players. With the launcher, you can run any previous versions of the game on your smart device. The app is easy to use as it runs the game automatically upon logging in. However, as this is an unofficial app, expect some issues. Moreover, its performance depends on the device you are using and the game version you are playing.

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