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Take care of a pony in this free game

Joy Pony is a


game by AA Games. This free-to-download mobile game will have you take in a pony you found inside a box. The pony is dirty and hungry, and it is up to you to take care of it by feeding, bathing, and playing with it.

Joy Pony comes with a gameplay that will remind you of



My Talking Tom

. Most of your time will be devoted to keeping the pony happy. Players must note, however, that the game lacks a tutorial. It also can be quite confusing since the pony does nothing but cry

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What is Joy Pony?

Joy Pony is a small

virtual pet game

. As the name suggests, this game will have you take care of a pony you found inside a box. Upon launching, you will have the option to customize your pet’s look. There is a slider that can decide its color and even features, including hair and eyes. Once done, you can then take it home and care for it.

The goal is to keep the pony happy by taking care of its overall well-being. You can do so by tapping the options provided on the screen. These options include just about everything your pet needs, including bandages and medicine. Oddly enough, there are also options to cut and hit the pony as punishment. Besides caring for your pet, you will also need to work to earn coins.

However, while it is simple, the game is actually confusing. As mentioned, there is no tutorial available, and the settings option is not in English. Moreover, the pony does nothing but cry. There are conversation options but limited to general questions, such as asking if your pet is hungry. The controls are also absurd as it allows you to drag the pony around and drop it unceremoniously on the floor. 

Is the game good?

Joy Pony offers just about everything that you can expect from a virtual pet game. The gameplay is simple and mostly consists of caring for your virtual pony. However, the lack of variety makes the game boring. Moreover, the pony continuously cries, giving you no sense of progress. All in all, there are better options you can try if you wish to take care of a virtual pet. 

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