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Movie-inspired puzzle game for mobile

Vidman is a free 


 game developed by developer Vidman123 for mobile devices. This 

block puzzler

 is inspired by various movies and uses their poster as its puzzles that players will need to rearrange into the correct placement to form the intended image and solve.

Just as is the case with games like 

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles


Jigsaw Puzzle Real

, the main objective in Vidman is to arrange puzzles pieces in their correct position to form the right image. What makes it a little different is that it utilizes a movie theme for its design.

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How do I play it?

When you first open the Vidman app, you will be presented with a simple user interface using a dark theme. The selection of image puzzles that you can choose from is displayed in a grid. Just scroll through the list and choose one that you like and want to play. The design of the images themselves is based on movie posters that were meant to help promote their release.

As for the puzzles, they are divided into a 4×4 grid, with a total of 16 puzzle blocks for you to move and rearrange as needed. While there are plenty of movie poster images to choose from, some of them are also based on popular TV shows. If you have a specific title in mind, you can use the search bar to quickly check if it’s available.

Now, Vidman, this little puzzle game was clearly developed with movie and TV show fans in mind. Fans may enjoy this but it really doesn’t take long for its gameplay to become dull and boring after a little while of it. There are no special features or modes to entice even casual players to continue playing it for a long time.

An okay puzzler for movie and TV fans

In summary, while it’s nice to have a puzzle game that was specifically made for fans of movies and TV shows, the actual gameplay itself leaves a lot to be desired. There’s a decent selection of images to choose from, but they simply are not enough to make you want to continue playing for more than a few minutes. So-so at best.

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