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Mega Jump is a very addictive game in which you will have to propel your small character (by default a little dinosaur) as high as you can while catching as much special objects and coins as you can to make your score go higher. Which you can use to buy upgrades!

The objects that you will be able to pick up will be an umbrella which will allow you to fall much slower, fire balls and stars, that will allow you to go up at high speeds breaking everything that comes at your way, helium balloons, allowing you to go higher at a much slower pace so you can dodge all the traps and other objects that want to stop you from going up.

The way you use Mega Jump is based exclusively on the accelerometer on Android devices, so you must incline your device from side to side to pick up the coins and dodge the obstacles.

Mega Jump is a very fun game, and it includes a great list of achievements to try and unblock more characters that you can buy with the coins that you accumulate throughout all your games. This free application is pact full of a lot of fun that is sure to entertain you for a while!

Reviewed by Andrés López

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