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MARVEL Super War is a multiplayer action game that challenges you to participate in 5 vs 5 battles with characters from the Marvel universe. A super fun MOBA that’s similar to Arena of Valor or Mobile Legends, except that this time you get to control Hulk, Thunder, Thor, Black Widow, and other comic characters.

Enjoying MARVEL Super War is easy if you’re already familiar with the genre since this is a MOBA in every sense of the word. Your objective here is to destroy the enemy’s base and to do so, you’ll have to destroy a few towers that are there to protect it. As you can already imagine, you’ll also have to make sure that your enemy doesn’t destroy your base.

Controls in MARVEL Super War are the usual ones for this genre. You’ll move around the setting using the left virtual stick and perform the basic attacks by tapping on the button located to the right, where you’ll also find your hero’s special powers (these depend on your hero).

The list features to choose from is a total dream for any Marvel fan. You’ll find heroes such as Mercury, the Scarlett Witch, Groot, Loki, Angel, Magnet, Falcon Eye, Deadpool, etc. We could be here a while if we list all the characters, but the point is that they’re all divided into different categories: fighter, assassin, tank, energy, sniper, and support.

MARVEL Super War is a spectacular MOBA that includes incredibly high production values. Think about it…you get to play one of the trendiest genres alongside one of the most popular franchises. Plus, the game includes different game modes: combat, turn-based, PVE, ranked…

Reviewed by Nelson de Benito Translated by Beatriz Escalante

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