SuperVPN Free VPN Client APK for Android-Download

A free VPN client

SuperVPN Free Vpn Client is a


client that provides a safer way to


the internet and avoid online spying and location filters. The service is entirely free but does collect details of which websites you visit while it is enabled. The client is easy to use.

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Fully free service

SuperVPN Free Vpn Client is a free to use alternative to many paid versions of this service. The application has paid options that do not require a monthly or yearly fee before you can use all of the features.

The developers are updating the app constantly, fixing bugs, and working on the stability of the client. However, the development team has stated that the battery-optimization mode on your device will affect SuperVPN negatively. The application forces you to work in one hour sessions before you need to reconnect to a VPN.

The app is easy to use, requiring no sign up as many of its alternatives. When you first install it, you’re welcomed with a 20-day premium trial that has no session timer, allowing you to browse the web without worrying about reloading the VPN. The service does not have any bandwidth limitation or speed limitation and is free from viruses, malware, and any other forms of malicious coding which could harm your device.

Secure online browsing

This application is a mobile VPN client, which allows you to browse the internet with enhanced security. The application keeps prying eyes from viewing your IP address and other personal data that can be used to track your location and online actions. Your online traffic is encrypted as well.

While the application protects your data, the service does not state what information is collected while the app is running.

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Hourly sessions

Super VPN Free provides new users with a 20-day free trial that doesn’t limit the apps sessions to a single hour. After this period ends, the virtual private network service needs to be restarted every 60 minutes. Restarting the client will result in a fresh connection and new IP address.

Easy to use

The application is extremely easy to use as you can connect to a virtual private network in one tap. Using the service does not require any root access, and you will not need an account to use the client’s features. This lack of profile ensures that there are no tedious settings to figure out and adjust.

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Geo-locked sites

Using this VPN client allows you to access


videos that are normally unavailable in your country and websites that are blocked and unavailable.

Fast and reliable

SuperVPN Free VPN Client is fast but running it will slow internet connection which results in longer website load times, but most noticeably it will affect your


experience. The connection itself remains stable, but the loss in speed is caused by the application’s need to process data through a second server before retrieving your requested information.

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Great for videos

The loss of speed does not affect the videos you watch on your device. The SuperVPN client lets you watch YouTube videos with minimal lag and good playback quality. This is the main use of the service.


If SuperVPN Free isn’t your ideal choice of a VPN client for Android, many alternatives offer similar features to suit your needs:

Free VPN – unlimited secure hotspot proxy – vpnify

is a high-speed client that allows for fast and secure online browsing while bypassing geo-locked websites.

Super VPN – Best Free Proxy

provides you with no limits to the amount of data or time you can use it and requires no registration before you can start using it.

X-VPN – Free Private VPN Proxy

supports usage on up to five devices. It features a kill switch that will immediately terminate your session when needed.

Best VPN – Free Unlimited VPN unblocks websites and apps that were previously locked by location. It does this through its clean and eye-pleasing interface.

One hour sessions

This application is a decent solution to the much-asked question of how to look at blocked YouTube videos. It serves the purpose of being a great virtual private network while providing you with one-hour sessions before you need to relaunch a session.

The app has had its previous connection issues fixed, and developers have alerted users that the battery saving setting on their devices can cause the service to have problems. You don’t need an account to use the application, but the transparency on data storage is questionable.

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