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PowerDirector – Bundle Version is a


application created by The

video editor

allows editing of personal clips from mobile devices. It has standard editing tools to create neatly-made videos.

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From Desktop Version To Mobile Version

PowerDirector – Bundle Version is the next upgrade of


for mobile devices. The


application provides powerful tools for making videos without the need of opening a computer. Most video editing tools on computers are complex and heavy in resources. This application meanwhile is more of a mobile version of the original


. The application allows importing of any video clips saved on the device. It is compatible with most video formats that most devices can read. The application has a timeline interface for a convenient arrangement of video clips in chronological order. It makes cropping, splitting and trimming videos more efficient. Users can quickly add 30 effects, 30 transitions, and titles on the video. The application’s drag-and-drop support can accurately select multiple video clips in an instant. It can also select photos and audio clips for a variety of contents. A record feature is available for making voice-over to the video. Any slow or fast motion videos can be set for 120/240fps respectively. Users can adjust the color of the video and other attributes like brightness, contrast, and saturation. The “Picture-in-Picture” or “video overlay” effect lets users place a video clip above of another video clip for simultaneous playback. Any ongoing video editing projects can be saved on mobile devices for later tweaking. Any video files processed with this application can be exported in HD video quality. Users can export their videos to online sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Video Editing Facility In One Package

PowerDirector – Bundle Version is a must have for video editors on the go. It can help them process high-quality videos wherever they are. The tools are very extensive and easy to use. Anyone can make compelling videos in an instant. The other impressive part is the ability to share the processed video to online platforms for convenient distribution.

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