PowerDirector-Bundle Version APK for Android-Free download

PowerDirector - Bundle Version APKPowerDirector - Bundle Version APK

PowerDirector – Bundle Version APK

Free download

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A mobile version of one of the most notable video editing programs in use today

Free download

A mobile version of one of the most notable video editing programs in use today

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Version: 4.11.2

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Android 9.0

A very powerful, feature-rich video editor that has been whittled down and able to fit on your mobile devices as an app.

An Overview of PowerDirector Bundle Version 1

PowerDirector is a video editing application made by CyberLink that is able to cut, paste, edit and transform individual video clips into actual full-length clips. Whether used for long-form videos like movies or even very short videos for social media sites, the version 1 of the bundle has been downloaded and used by tens of thousands of people in order to create video clips. It’s fast and easy to use and seems to render in full HD so that there isn’t any quality loss.

While its download name might be bundle version 1, you’re actually getting the most current version of the software here. This is because all of the different updates and upgrades of PowerDirector over the years have been bundled up into one streamlined, sleek app to use on a mobile device. It’s a convenient way to transform different clips into one final render that you edit yourself.

The Features of PowerDirector Bundle Version 1

In terms of features, there are more than a few here. Though it’s important to note that these are mainly video editing features, and so you’re not getting tons of filters and animations like you would on a social media-specific type of clip editor. So, what you get is a great timeline feature, allowing you to place your clips in chronological order. Then you have cut/edit features, trim, speed controls, contrast, etc, so that you can turn those clips into a full movie clip.

Cropping, splitting and trimming are pretty reliable features that most people can figure out very quickly. The entire interface of PowerDirector is fairly simplistic and user friendly. Another great feature is its drag-and-drop support, so you won’t have to worry about opening a variety of folders to find the clips you need. You also get picture-in-picture and video overlay features, and you’re able to render in HD quality in a variety of formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.

How PowerDirector Bundle Version 1 Works

PowerDirector Bundle Version 1 works like most other basic video editing platforms, with one of the only real differences being that it’s a much smaller and more compact version. This means that it’s going to open quicker and it’s going to present all the editing tools for you on the same page. So, unlike pricy pro editors, you won’t have to hover over icons to open a list of new features. Everything you need is right on the screen in front of you, which flattens out the learning curve drastically.

Pros and Cons of PowerDirector Bundle Version 1


  • Easy to use interface
  • Accepts and converts a lot of formats
  • Updates very regularly
  • Runs smooth and quick


  • A bit on the bulky side
  • Must pay for the full version
  • Limited features on free version

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